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Hospital bag...

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dabihp Thu 12-May-05 22:45:04

c-section (or natural birth)... dont want to over pack...

How much did u bring for each, what can u expect hospital to provide?

When did u have your packed from?

Slave2Babe Thu 12-May-05 23:08:39

my bag was packed two days before the big day!

the bbc website is quite good. i used this as a guide to packing my bag

you'll also need clothes for the baby - maybe 4-5 vests and some sleepsuits

goreousgirl Thu 12-May-05 23:10:10

Most baby mags have a check list. You might want to take extra pillows!! If you have a c-section, you'll be in longer than natural - so you'll need a lot more stuff. Be ready around 1 month before due date - it gives you something to do, and loads of time to add and take away stuff!! IMO hospitals provide very little indeed - maybe a sanitary towel the size of a dinghy and a bed!!

Skribble Thu 12-May-05 23:20:56

Check with the hospital what is provided it varies so much. Your midwife should help you with a list. The first time I was in they provided nappies and pads etc. The second time (same place) they expected me to have brought my own?

They usually provide pads (for mum) these are huge thick ones, they are softer than thinner always type pads but if you don't have stitches you may prefer a thinner night-time style pad.

Don't take those disposible pants mothercare do, they don't fit well and are the last thing you want to wear when a bit sensistive. I bought packs of cheap pants I could throw away if stained.

If a c-section is likely get some huge granny pants, you will want a waist band that comes up to your belly button above the scar, I sent hubby who didn't quite know what I meant by big pants.

If a c-section you will be in about 5-7 days take plenty pants etc so your not waiting for hubby to take them home and wash them.

Make sure your nighties are suitable for feeding if breast feeding, you don't want to have to pull up your nightie right up to feed during visiting.

Don't worry about over packing if hubby or partner is there to carry the bag. You will leak, dribble and sweat, as will baby.

I also took small cartons of fresh orange to ease constipation and diluting juice as you will want to drink a lot in the warm ward and water gets boring.

Skribble Thu 12-May-05 23:25:16

I forgot V important for labour bag SLIPPERS.

I didn't have them with me for labour and they don't like you walking about in bare feet. They made me squeeze my poor swollen feet into my clumpy boots (lovely with nightie) to move about.

Consider hospital floors you will want them anyway.

lockets Thu 12-May-05 23:28:50

Message withdrawn

Ponka Thu 12-May-05 23:37:05

Nice tip re. pants Skribble. I completely agree. Not disposable but not nice and definately a high waste band so it doesn't rub your scar.

My best tip is to take a small bottle of cordial like ribena or summer fruits etc. I don't drink much tea and coffee and all they tended to offer was water. It was boring after a while.

I underpacked on amounts of pads (breast and maternity) and nighties (2 didn't cut it with my leaky tap boobs) but people were coming back and forwards all the time so they just brought more. I also wish I'd have taken a couple of baggy outfits so I'd have had them sooner. After the first couple of days, I found that wearing day clothes made me feel a lot better. It somehow felt like I was recovering faster. I felt more optimistic.

Good luck Dabihp x

wysiwyg Thu 12-May-05 23:40:01

A snack/ food - if you give birth in the middle of the night you could be so hungry but there's nowhere to get anything to eat.

starshaker Thu 12-May-05 23:42:11

1 thing for sure next time i will make sure that i pack the big padded sanitry towels as i bought always night (told they would be fine) and i was in that much pain i couldnt sit down but the big ones from boots were nice and padded for my sore bits lol

lemonice Thu 12-May-05 23:45:49

2 big wrap around cotton dressing gowns so that one can be taken home overnight and washed by assistants, only really necessary if staying in over two days or so but then quite nice to have!!!

Skribble Thu 12-May-05 23:50:35

Hi Ponka,

I couldn't wait to get real clothes on again but be warned as soon as you get dressed family and partner think thats you back to normal.

Stay in PJ's as long as possible even once home, people treat you totally different. MIL had me popping up to the shops with her not long after a c-section and I really suffered for it.

Chuffed Fri 13-May-05 11:08:55

pack two bags, one for natural which you take for labour with the expectation that you will be in for 24hrs.
Another bag with all the stuff you'll need if you are in for longer. That saves you lugging tons of stuff with you initially but also means dp/dh doesn't have to choose stuff to bring you.
Cranberry juice is a good thing to pack you can dilute it (take a sippy bottle to drink from) it gives a change from water but also neutralises your pee so it doesn't sting if you have any grazes or stitches.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 13-May-05 11:18:48

The day after I had dd, dh brought me in a chocolate cake, crisps, mints, bottled drinks.

I was glad he did because the food was c**p and I didn't like leaving dd on the ward whilst I went to get some munchies.

Take some nice smellys like shower gel so you'll feel and smell gorgeous after you have baby.

Make sure you have newborn clothes not 0-3 months with you. Thats what we did and dd was put in to hospital clothes. dh had to go out and buy some newborn ones.

kama Fri 13-May-05 11:31:43

Message withdrawn

beansmum Fri 13-May-05 11:43:41

check if your hospital provides nappies, mine didn't.

expatinscotland Fri 13-May-05 11:49:38

The infirmary where I gave birth had nothing. And I do mean nothing. I had to bring it all from home. All they provided were towels, and I'm a brat when it comes to towels, so I brought my own.

I wound up being in there for 5 days, so I'm glad I packed a case. I brought DH's bike lock and attached case to the bed frame. The case was lockable as well as doing my journal entries (I write to my daughter every day).

I was glad for all the magazines - didn't really feel like reading anything heavy, but was still bored silly in there.

Also might help to bring a manicure/pedicure set and ask a friend to give your hands/feet a treat.

Our hospital's TV wasn't free - it was one of those Gawd-awful private services that cost a mint. So I brought a laptop w/DVD player. That way I could play board and card games on the computer as well.

Don't forget shower shoes and a dressing gown!

expatinscotland Fri 13-May-05 11:53:45

Mine didn't provide nappies. Or wipes. We even brought our own blanket for DH.

I had a private room, but it might be a good idea to bring along earplugs!

janinlondon Fri 13-May-05 12:11:48

Cleaning products for the bath. Not joking. One renowned teaching hospital in South London actually lists this on the hospital bag advice sheet. Horrendous, I know, but needs must and all that.

morningpaper Fri 13-May-05 12:12:24

Sandwiches for your husband.

(just kidding)

expatinscotland Fri 13-May-05 12:13:28

That is shocking!

Good idea.

irishbird Fri 13-May-05 12:13:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babydriver Fri 13-May-05 12:44:25

Worth packing some v loose shoes for coming home -I wore my Birkenstocks and even then had to open them to the last hole as my feet swelled so much (yr body takes a few days to figure out that it doesn't need to produce amniotic fluid, extra blood etc and all the extra fluid ends up in your feet!).

Magscat Fri 13-May-05 13:27:44

I had 2 c-sections. Agree with comments about cheap, big pants - cotton is a must too. You don't necessarily need tons more though I was only in 3 nights for first & 2 nights for 2nd.
If you have long hair you prob want hair bands - my hair drove me mad getting in the way.

Also agree check with hospital on what's provided. I was told to bring a nappy & a baby hat to theatre (it was Winter) as they don't even supply nappies for newborns. Only found out later though they also don't provide cotton wool, moisturiser etc.. for baths. They did 4 years ago but major cash crisis in Bradford means you get nowt now.

I know it's not an essential but I found it really BORING for long periods when baby slept so anything to keep you occupied is good - I wrote birth announcements and thank you notes in hospital.

Magscat Fri 13-May-05 13:31:55

Kama - I think you mean Rescue Remedy (by Bach) - good call - I used it too.

(By the way, my baby girl was born New Year's Eve too - really lovely looking at fireworks on our first night together, but fairy lights - that's a great touch!)

koalabear Fri 13-May-05 13:34:32

aside from the usual list, these things i found invaluable:

1. flip flops (for the communal shower, so you don't pick stuff up) - they also double as slippers

2. dressing gown so you're not wandering around in your PJs

3. change/money, for either the pay TVs, or pay phone cards

4. munchies (dried fruit etc)

5. bottle water

6. sandwiches for after birth for both you and hubby/partner (we were REALLY hungry, especially at night time)

7. nice pillow - makes a difference, especially if you are going to try to b/f

8. nice bunny rug/baby rug - nicer to wrap your little one in that the starchy hospital blankets

9. disposible knickers/pants - best ones by far are the ones on the NCT website - you can buy them on the net or over the phone - they look like they are made out of netting and are stretchy - much better than those horrid paper ones which don't fit anyway

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