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Grade 4 Haemorhoids & labour advice/coping would be appreciated...

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massivebump Thu 18-Jun-09 21:31:07

Hello All

I'm 37+4 and last night discovered I had haemorhoids (?sp), following info sheet from Dr I now find I have grade 4, the worst :-(. Never had them before, v painful, cream Dr given me not helped as yet but I've not lost hope just yet.

I guess I'm just worrying about labour, which did seem to be on it's way Sat, then on/off contractions since! M/w wasn't v helpful, just said v common in pg (I didn't have last 2 times) & should clear up aft.

This doesn't help me at all now. I can barely walk cause of the pain, let alone contemplate labour/giving birth. I can only assume m/w doesn't realise how severe they are.

I'm absolutely worried to death of going into labour now. Feel really low, was so happy sat when I thought things were starting to happen, now I'm just worrying.

Anyone got any home remedies/advice to help? Also, any stories from anyone who's been thru labour in same predicament would be helpful, esp if positive stories.

Thanks in advance.

doulalc Thu 18-Jun-09 21:58:17

Was a clot removed at all? Was that necessary? A few things you can try if you haven't already that might bring some relief:

sitz bath...fill bath tub enough to cover your bum with warm water and let yourself soak for about 20 minutes.

witch hazel on the can use pads that are soaked in it

keep using the cream, hopefully it will offer some relief and bring the swelling down as well. Check with your doctor about how long you should use it however.

increase your fluid intake and your fiber intake...although go slowly on the fiber as too much too fast can cause excessive gas

you may want to buy a pillow to use when sitting that is designed to keep the pressure off of the will be a donut pillow with a cutout in the can use this in labour as well.

during pushing, avoid holding your breath...not a wise move whether or not you have hemorrhoids. Think about easing baby out with gentle pushes, blow baby out...let your body do most of the work, your muscles will naturally bring baby down and out. Don't bear down until you really feel the need to. If possible, use positions that will allow gravity to help with baby's descent. Hands and knees is an excellent position to help take some of the pressure off. Consider a water birth if possible for additional comfort.

SympatheticConsultant Thu 18-Jun-09 22:10:39

As you've been told although haemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy they often cause mild to moderate symptoms. What you are describing mirrors what one of my private patients recently experienced during her pregnancy. The associated pain was severe and did n't settle with the usual advice (eg. Sitting on ice packs/anusol/germaloid cream & suppositories). Despite seeing a haemorrhoid specialist the only reasonable relief she got during the pregnancy was from sitting in a warm bath(often for hours at a time) and by using Instagel cream. The latter is a topical gel which contains a local anaesthetic and will have to be prescribed by a Dr.
Post-delivery the pain will settle. Hope your labour will start soon and the symptoms will get better after the baby arrives.

ChocFudgeCake Thu 18-Jun-09 23:17:10

After giving birth I had Anusol in SPRAY. That made a big difference. The cream was not working at all. Ah also had homeopathy.

massivebump Fri 19-Jun-09 08:15:03

Thanks for messages so far guys, much appreciated. I like the sound of the anaesthetic gel :-).

With regards to diet doulalc, I'm doing all of that, have always done and haven't had a prob with stools at all, which was why I was so anoyed at getting piles :-). Will try the bath and witch hazel too, thanks. I am planning a home water birth so it's reassuring to find that the water may help, thanks.

Thanks chocfudgecake (fab name :-)), I will ask about the spray, although would be fun trying to spray it at the moment, I can barely reach around as it is due to back pain :-). Hadn't thought of homeopathy which is silly really as my Dad was a homeopath & we always swore by it & I have arnica all over the house :-). Will ask our local homeopathic pharmacy if I get there before labour starts.

Thanks again, I put loads of the anusol cream on last night and there is a slight improvement this morn. DH is kindly taking ds to school so I don't have to walk too far + I only have short drive to take dd to pre-school. Fingers crossed it keeps shrinking :-)

Feeling happier today, thanks

manyhatson Fri 19-Jun-09 12:27:19

I'm 39+5 with #2 and on Tuesday this week, all of a sudden I discovered I had piles too - also grade 4. Never had them before including with DD. I was gutted and very worried about how they might be in labour - so I totally sympathise. I was really low for a day, feeling sorry for myself - as if I didn't have enough pain and discomfort at the moment... I couldn't sit comfortably, couldn't sleep due to the pain (have been sleeping fine until now). Getting out of the car has been touch and go (mild SPD) but this makes it worse. Walking was worse again... I was really worried about the fact that I hadn't been to the loo for 3 days that it would be agony when I went (I was fine until now!). I got some Anusol which helpedt he stinging for about, ooh, 10 seconds... All looking pretty miserable.

I'm pleased to report however that a few days on and and they're not hurting nearly as badly and I managed to go to the loo last night with no problem (am now on Lactulose to help). I don't know if they just settle down, or if it's the Anusol, but they're hardly hurting now.

I've been told that they will disappear once baby is born, so fingers crossed!

FourArms Fri 19-Jun-09 12:50:58

I had problems with piles post-DS2 and was prescribed instillagel which was fantastic stuff, and made going to the loo much more bearable. It's a gel anaesthetic usually used for men when they're having a catheter inserted. Was a bit of a nightmare TBH (had a month or so with piles, thrush pain from episiotomy), but it does pass.

I think they can operate on them if all else fails and you've finished having children.

ChocFudgeCake Fri 19-Jun-09 20:09:53

Anusol in spray cannot be used in pregnancy, it has hydrocortisone. Hang on a bit, you'll be able to use it soon providing that the back pain gets better. Good luck!

manyhatson Sat 20-Jun-09 21:12:13

You can't use Anusol HC but normal Anusol is OK.

massivebump Mon 22-Jun-09 17:55:04

Good luck Manyhats on, glad things are improving for you too. Mine have def improved (found there were 2 not 1!), like you say, I can hardly feel them now, thank goodness! My m/w said same about them disappearing so fingers crossed for us!

FourArms, thanks for that, glad you're over them too, sounds like you had a rough time of it, poor you. I've heard of instillagel, will def be onto Dr for that if needed post birth.

I'm just so relieved that things are improving 'down there', maybe now my body can relax ready for labour. Bring it on! What a difference a few days makes?!

Thanks again everyone, really appreciate your comments & advice.

jaype Tue 23-Jun-09 10:30:04

Are you sure you can't use hydrocortisone? I speak as someone who slathers on various dermatitis treatments containing things stronger than HC on a regular basis. Might be worth double checking?

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