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Bit of fun retrospect, was it obvious labour was imminent by some silly behaviour?

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minouminou Tue 16-Jun-09 13:04:49

The night before I went into labour with DD, I had an insane urge to call people and swear copiously at them for no reason other than that I was fed up with being PG (DD was 3 days early, whereas DS had been 1 week late).
I thought I was just fed up, but my sister, chum and MIL all knew I was good to go.
I called my friend up and opened the convo with "Can you come round here and give me a swift kick up the bifk, as there's %^&$ all happening and I'm gonna %&^^££"% kill EVERYONE...." and so on and so on.
My poor MIL was next, I called her and said DD had better hurry up as I wanted her out before Taurus started (apologies to all Taureans), as DP is one, "and he's a w^&%$r who follows me round turning %*&^%£ lights off", and that I was going to kill EVERYONE.
Pretty much the same with sis - although her crime was to have been looking at mountain bikes that week, which brought her some savage and utterly irrational criticism.
Looking back, they all reacted with calm forbearance, and answered my diatribes in the same way you'd address a gun-wielding maniac who claims to be Napoleon.
Then they sat back and waited for the news.........
Embarrassed, moi?
Just a bit......

slushy06 Tue 16-Jun-09 14:16:46

My mum knew, she was coming in with me and when I went in to wake her at 1 am to tell her my waters had broken, she was wide awake, fully dressed and apparently waiting for me.

I asked her afterwards how she knew and she told me it was because she had barely seen me leave the bed the past two weeks then all of a sudden she couldn't even get me to sit down let alone lie down. I was apparently bouncing of the walls.

ouchitreallyhurts Tue 16-Jun-09 14:20:02

With dd3 I dug potatoes from our veggie patch, just had a mad urge to dig a load. dd4 - I was found scrubbing the outside rim of the bath with a toothbrush (not mine, hubby's grin) - both of those girls were born within 8 hours of my erratic behaviour

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