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When do braxton hicks ....

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dabihp Wed 11-May-05 18:42:23

...become contractions?

dabihp Wed 11-May-05 18:50:04

Bugger, nevermind, backpain seems to have gone... sigh....

tiffini Wed 11-May-05 18:51:27

if you feel any kind of pain, then it is not braxyon hicks as they are painless, but can be uncomfortable.

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 18:53:23

But they say bloodtests are 'uncomfortable' and they hurt! They say amnios are 'uncomfortable' and I bet they bloody hurt as well! Don't mind me I've never felt a BH lol

tiffini Wed 11-May-05 18:56:19

trust me, they dont hurt, it is just a tightening feeling around your stomach.
I am the biggest wimp out, if they hurt then i would have known about it.

lockets Wed 11-May-05 18:56:41

Message withdrawn

tiffini Wed 11-May-05 19:01:50

some pain can be pychological, halfway through my CS i started screaming saying i could feel bad pains while the surgeon was trying to get the placenta out, they had to give me a general anesthetic so he could finish.
Now i am not sure it hurt at all, im'e sure if i could have felt it it would have been a lot worse, and i probably would have passed out.

dabihp Wed 11-May-05 19:04:37

tiffini - I REALLY DIDNT NEED YOUR POST... HAve possible c-section next week....



tiffini Wed 11-May-05 19:20:59

oh deah, so sorry

lockets Wed 11-May-05 19:24:52

Message withdrawn

Tinker Wed 11-May-05 19:34:59

My BHs have hurt but still know (I think!) that these are not contractions

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:35:36

When did they start hurting? I'm on my second now you see....

Tinker Wed 11-May-05 19:36:50

As I got bigger - from 35 weeks or so? But still uncomforable before that

lockets Wed 11-May-05 19:36:57

Message withdrawn

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 08:06:49

Thanks for the warning!!

shhhh Thu 12-May-05 18:18:47

I have had bh since about wk 26 and over the weeks they got slightly stronger, i'm now due in 3 days and they are more regular and stronger although i'm sure I will know when they are contractions ???!!
BTW at first they were uncomfortable but now they do hurt and have done since about 30+ weeks..maybe not contraction pain (never had a baby so wouldn't know) but still not an enjoyable experience! Pain though differs between everyone !

littlerach Thu 12-May-05 19:14:16

My first pregnancy I had BH quite early on, and din't actually realise I was in labour until I was quite far gone, I thought I was being a bit of a wuss!!! It was only when I had severe backache as well that DH thought we should go to hospital (DD1 was 5 wks prem).
In my second pregnancy I had BH from 20 wks, at times I had to breathe through them as they were very "uncomfortable"!!! Again, it was backache that made me know I was in labour.

mumfor1sttime Thu 12-May-05 21:46:52

I used to wonder how I would know if my BH were contractions- believe me-you know the difference.
Thats all you need to know.....

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