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If you had contractions really close together from the start with first baby, what happened with the next labour?

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Ebb Sun 14-Jun-09 15:58:19

Purely hypothetical as I'm not yet pregnant with no.2. grin

With Ds my contractions came every 2-4 minutes from the word go which freaked me slightly as the midwives only talked about 'don't go in til your contractions are every 5mins for at least an hour'........ I was fully dilated in about 3 hrs but had a long pushing stage.

If your contractions came really close together in your first labour, what happened in your second labour? Was it the same or totally different? Did you stay at home longer in your second labour despite the contractions being really close together?

cat64 Sun 14-Jun-09 16:20:54

Message withdrawn

twinklegreen Sun 14-Jun-09 17:45:49

Hi, I went straight into full blown contractions first time round, just like you was fully dilated after 3hrs and then had a 6hr pushing stage! I was induced with number two but had an almost identical labour apart from it took 1hr to dilate and 50mins pushing. I'll let you know what happens with number three in a few weeks!!

Ebb Sun 14-Jun-09 21:55:25

Twinklegreen 6 hours! shock I thought my 4 hours was bad enough! I'm glad to hear the second time round it was much shorter! Good luck with your third. grin

I suppose I wasn't expecting contractions so close together. They didn't mention that in my pregnancy book! I hear a lot that second labours are usually quicker so not sure what to expect. Hmmm maybe ought to wait until I'm pregnant with no.2 before thinking too much about it! grin

ChasingSquirrels Sun 14-Jun-09 22:01:35

1st labour went pretty quickly, 1st half hour about 4/5 contractions and then they didn't stop. Labour was 2 hrs

2nd labour was only 4/5 contractions in total, total time under 15 mins.

yomellamoHelly Sun 14-Jun-09 22:02:10

First labour 4 hours. Second and third 3 hours. All went from nothing to full-on, on top of each other, must-get-to-hospital-asap contractions. First labour no pushing; second two pushes; third one (head came out as waters went).

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