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After having 2 very quick labours what would my care be like if I was to have a 3rd DC?

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Dragonfly74 Fri 12-Jun-09 21:42:47

My first labour with DS 3yrs 4mths lasted just over an hour, I arrived at hospital at 11.55pm and DS was born at 1.08am.

My second labour with DD 14mths my first contraction was at 6.15am and DD was born at 6.59am, We didn't make it to hospital my DH delivered her before the paramedics arrived.

Now although I feel blessed because I have quick labours it has put me off having any more DC.

With both DC I had GBS and because of this was told that I couldn't have a home birth (obviously DD didn't know this)grin

So what would my options be if we were to have another DC, even if I was allowed a home birth the MW would never make it in time if I was to have another as quickly as DD arrived.

I am very broody at the minute and would love to try for another but I don't want to risk having another unassisted homebirth.

If anyone else had experience of this I would love to know how you were cared for.


doulalc Sat 13-Jun-09 01:54:36

Since you have a history now of fast births, you have a few options. You may have an induction suggested to you in order to increase the odds of a hospital birth (which is the most likely prospect), you may decide to have dh obtain some basic training in the event another unassisted homebirth occurs, you may leave for hospital at the first twinge of labour, you may try to locate a midwife who lives nearby as well as her back-up support.
You could also end up being surprised and find yourself with a 10 hour labour!

rainbowdays Sat 13-Jun-09 10:50:26

Dragonfly - Surely you should insist that a homebirth be planned for? It is unlikely that you would make it to the hospital. I had a surprise homebirth with my 3rd, but fortunately midwife made it just in time for the delivery, and it was because she knew me that she was ready to come out immediately to me as soon as I phoned her. I ended up with midwife, a doctor and two paramedics with me alongside my mum and dh for the birth.

My dh is terrified that if I give birth again that he will have to deliver the baby. Fortunately my mum is a paediatric nurse, so if I am fortunate enough to have another baby, I will be trying hard to make sure we have a homebirth delivery kit here, including suction and oxygen bottle, that my mum could administer if needed. Not sure if it will be possible but I like you would not like to have an unassisted birth.

My problem is that I live an hour from the nearest hospital, so even if I got into the car at the first twinge then I would not make it in time, and it would be safer for me to be at home with help on route to me, than for me to be in the car between home and hospital.

I suppose that living in hospital for days before hand is an option, it is what happened with my dd. At first twinge I went to hosptial, but they would not let me out later as I lived so far away, despite the contractions being very stop-start. Once it did get going, my dh only just made it to the hospital see the head crowning, he nearly missed the whole thing.

I would hate the thought of having to be induced in hospital as an alternative, but I also don't know when they would plan for it, as each of my children came early!!!! So unless they decided to deliver the minute I reached term (37weeks), the likehood would be for me that I would deliver before a planned induction!

Besides as doulalc says we could both be surprised by long labours next time wink

So although I have not really helped you in this question, I hope that knowing you are not the only one trying to think it through helps?

rainbowdays Sat 13-Jun-09 10:52:38

Forgot to say that I was diagnosed with GBS with my third too, so my planned homebirth was cancelled!!!!! I guess my ds did not know he was not supposed to be born at home either!grin

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