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elective section after prolapse

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stuckbetweenarockandahardplace Thu 11-Jun-09 19:32:12

Hi, i'd appreciate some advice.
I'm pregnant with #3, and cannot decide wether to go for an elective caesarean. I have had one difficult delivery with ventouse/forceps followed by one homebirth which was great..unfortunately I've been left with a prolapsed bladder and was told after second birth that any more deliveries would make it worse. I have an EC with its own risks or do I go for a third "normal delivery" and run the risk of years of gynae surgery that my obs consultant told me yesterday has a 15-30% chance of not working. I can't spend the next couple of years unable to lift more than a kettle because of prolapse with 3 small ones to look after. Is anyone out there who has had a section for this reason? how did it go? Thanks

jenhden Fri 12-Jun-09 15:57:37

my friend had this happen and had a section on the basis that she'd have one recovery period rather than numerous possible one's - i would look at how you'll manage long term -natural birth is wonderful but its one day of your life and you've got little people who need you as strong as you can be.

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