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What happens and when if i choose a c-section??

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didsnbump Thu 11-Jun-09 19:00:27

Hi all, im thinking ahead here as im only 5 weeks pregnant.
My first birth didnt go very well. After 32 hours of labour it ended with an emerg c-section.
Im really scared that if i try for a natural birth it will all happen again.
What happens if u choose a c-section, and can i. When do they do it at 40 weeks or earlyer??

kmowell Thu 11-Jun-09 21:43:00

Hi, your story sound very similar to my first, in labour for couple of days, pushed for an hour, failed forceps then em section!All pretty horrific for a first attempt! Now 35 wks, met with consultant at 12 wks booking in appointment and he more or less said, my birth, my decision. we discussed pros and cons, and he was more that happy for me to have elective section this time round. Due to be seen at 36 weeks for scan to locate placenta and to be given date, they will aim to section me at around the 39 wk mark. Such a relief knowing that everything will be organised and not rushed like first time round....So dont worry all will be fine....besides you have another 34 weeks to go anyway, try and that possible when you have one already???

AtheneNoctua Thu 11-Jun-09 21:48:48

You can propbably choose. But you might want to arm yourself with some facts when you ask for whatever it is you prefer.

I personally would prefer the elective section (have had one crash and elective). But other really want to experience vaginal birth.

Good luck with your choice. And if you do have an elective it will probably be at 39weeks. You will go in early in the morning and probably have baby before noon and get to spend rest of the day with him/her. It is much nicer than an emergency.

Meglet Thu 11-Jun-09 21:52:55

you will almost certainly see a consultant at 20 weeks or so as you have had a previous cs. from what i have heard from others you will be given the option of a planned cs.

i had an em cs with my first child. saw consultant when about 20 weeks pg with no.2 and he offered a planned cs (which i took with open arms).

it is nice being able to plan and i found the recovery from a planned cs much much easier than from an em cs. pester the hospital for a private room if they are available, i was lolling around either bf dd or reading the papers while i was in grin.

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