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How to get the consultant to agree to induction at 39weeks - help please

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QueenFee Wed 10-Jun-09 21:57:07

I feel really nervous about this appointment tomorrow.
The history is that I have had 2 3rd degree tears - DD 8lb 10 and 40+4 and DS 8lb 6 at 39 weeks.
As I have had a history of tearing I don't want to go past 39 weeks as this baby could be bigger and I don't want any permenant problems.
I had a meeting with the registrar last week who basically dismissed me saying that the second was a 2nd degree tear (not what I was told and felt at the time [hmmm] and never mentioning the episio I also had)
She said the only thing they would do is give me a sweep at 39 weeks and induce me before 40 +7.
This really isn't that much different to normal and at 40+7 surely this baby could be fairly large considering my history (and that both mine and DH's family have a history of 10+lbers)
I have now requested a second opinion after bursting into tears about it with my lovely MW. So I have an appointment to see the consultant tomorrow morning but I am terrified.
Please help me put it together in my head so I feel confident to get the birth I want.

NumptyMum Wed 10-Jun-09 22:01:44

I had a friend who had an elective cesearean because of previous bad tear (though I don't know HOW bad the tear was). I'm not sure that induction would help - have you been induced before?

DavidSussex Wed 10-Jun-09 22:04:50

if your last tear was at 39 weeks, I can't see that an induction at 39 weeks is going to prevent a tear if your baby is big. Induced deliveries have a higher incidence of tears, IIRC, as it all happens too quickly, and the tissues don't get a chance to stretch gradually. If you really want to avaoid a tear, I would go for an elective section- Consultant is more likely to agree to that, I would think.

CarGirl Wed 10-Jun-09 22:06:52

I wouldn't bother with the induction I would be asking for a c sec, the people I know who had 2 x 3rd degree tears were told to have c secs as the risk of another 3rd degree tear and permanent damage were very high?

I think you need to look at your notes thoroughly and discuss the problems the tears epis gave you?

QueenFee Wed 10-Jun-09 22:10:12

DD was natural and DS an induction. Basically I am going to tear whatever, I have accepted this and would prefer it but what I don't want to happen is for the tear to be even bigger. I haven't had any problems as such with the tears but I am so aware of how easily it could cause me problems this time.

QueenFee Wed 10-Jun-09 22:10:53

meant I would prefer to tear than have a c-section blush

NumptyMum Wed 10-Jun-09 22:15:33

The other route to go might be to hire a doula - it sounds like you need someone who can really coach you to SLOW DOWN at the crucial moment, and in my experience my midwife was crap at this! But then I was being induced...

pooka Wed 10-Jun-09 22:22:46

My first child, dd, was only 6 pounds 10 oz. Born on her due date. Second degree tear.

DS was nearly 8 pounds, a week late. Second degree tear.

My tear from dd was much worse than ds's tear. Also was poorly stitched which led to me have a fenton's procedure when she was 7 months. So essentially, when ds was born had a healed tear and a healed episiotomy. But was fine.

Not sure what advice I'm giving really, apart from to suggest that there are no definites about tearing. Have you been doing perineal massage? I did, but not especially enthusiastically, with ds. In hindsight, I think the reason I tore with him was because was a precipitous 2 and a half hour labour and I pushed in an upright position, so was very quick and my perineum didn't have time to stretch. With dd I had an epidural and just pushed like crazy and so I was disconnected from the crowning sensation that at least gave me slight pause with ds.

I suppose my concern with inducing a week early is that if the baby simply isn't ready to be born yet, quite definite intervention might be required to get him/her shifted and you might be more likely then to be in birthing position and have pain relief (i.e. epidural) that would make tearing more likely.

QueenFee Wed 10-Jun-09 22:25:48

Both of my labours followed exactly the same pattern - the induction didn't feel any different. I had Pethidine for both as they were both long labours.
I am not prepared to risk a natural birth I don't think at 40 + weeks so will be considering C-section if they won't agree to induce.

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