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Being induced tomorrow with first baby and starting to feel a bit nervous....

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DawnAS Thu 04-Jun-09 10:31:44

Hello all,

Just looking for some reassurance really...

I am being induced tomorrow, early at 39+2, due to Gestational Diabetes.

Because I've been insulin dependent, I have to have an insulin drip, hourly blood monitoring and constant foetal heart monitoring.

Due to all this monitoring, I've decided to have an epidural as soon as they get to the stage of breaking my waters as they have said that they will use the Oxytocin drip as soon as the waters have been broken.

Until today, I've felt quite calm about it all. I discussed my birthplan with both my MW and the Consultant who's been looking after me and they were both happy and comfortable with my decisions. But I'm suddenly starting to feel very nervous. What if the epidural doesn't work?

To complicate things more, I'm an Emetophobe - have a phobia of vomiting - so need to have anti-sickness drugs ASAP when I go into labour, so pain relief like Pethidine is not what I want.

Can anyone offer me any reassurance that I will make it through this with all this medical intervention that I'm having to have? They will try and induce me 4 times at 6 hour intervals, then I get to come home for a day if it hasn't worked. Then back in to try twice more and if it still doesn't work, I will need to have a cesarean.

Our little Jelly is still wriggling around loads which is reassuring and at my last MW check she was 4/5ths engaged. I've also had a funny stomach for the past few days, so I'm hoping that these are all signs that she may be ready and so induction will work quickly.

Sorry about the long post - just looking for a little reassurance really!! hmm


fishie Thu 04-Jun-09 10:39:50

hello dawn.

of course you are feeling a bit nervous, but on the very bright side you know what is going to happen and have got a good plan. are they starting with pessaries or straight on to the drip?

DawnAS Thu 04-Jun-09 10:41:10

Thanks for your reply Fishie!

They are starting with pessaries. I think they will only do the drip after my cervix is dilated enough to break my waters - eek!! hmm

fishie Thu 04-Jun-09 11:31:46

there is a thing called 'bishops score' which is a measurement of how likely you are to go into labour, search in archives (google?) here or ask your midwife.

i had a failed induction/cs after my waters broke but didn't go into labour. it was all very alarming, which is why i say it is good to know what is likely to happen to you.

for me the worst bits were being very exhausted and not having proper pain relief. you have the latter sorted, but it might be good to ask questions about timing, i believe it is usual to give the pessary at night which means if it doesn't work you might be up all night and then not get much sleep during the day.

sammynixon Thu 04-Jun-09 11:50:03

hello dawn. i was induced with my first. it really is nothing to worry about. i know its easy for me to say that...
i was given a pessarie with mine.. i only had the one...
i was given the pessarie at midday and i went into labour at 2 in the morning.
everyone is different.

i'm sure you will be fine and it will a wonderful experience

good luck

mogwai Thu 04-Jun-09 12:03:17

I am SO pleased for you!

You know when it's going to happen AND you're getting an epidural in advance.

I am married to an anaesthetist and I had an epidural for my first baby on his (and others) advice. It was bloody marvellous and took away all the pain and all the worry.

My DD was born very calmly, no shouting, screaming or wailing (though perhaps a bit of moo-ing!!).

I would love to have an induction and an epidural this time around (I'm 38 +4) but sadly have no medical indication for this. Lucky you!

Good luck and stay calm - I'm sure it will go well!

DawnAS Thu 04-Jun-09 12:25:35

Thank you all so much for the reassurance!!

Mogwai, the birth of your first baby sounds wonderful - I hope my experience is as good. Same with you Sammynixon. You only generally here bad experiences on MN about induction, so it's great to hear some good experiences.

I'm definitely feeling more relaxed now!! Will spend the rest of today getting all the final bits and pieces ready!! grin

Thanks again all!!

weegiemum Thu 04-Jun-09 12:30:34

My SIL had this last Thursday!! ID diabetes in pg, induction at 38 weeks in case of big baby ....

My nephew was born last Thursday night at 10.30, he was only 6 pounds-someything (cant remember) and we saw him on Tues - he's small but VERY cute,

I also had induction for dd2 (dc3) and it took 12 hours.

Hoping for you it all goes well!

DawnAS Thu 04-Jun-09 16:19:47

Hi Weegiemum,

Thanks for your post - it's reassuring to hear that someone else has gone through the exact same thing - although I think our little Jelly may be a little bigger as she was (estimated) to be 6lb 11ozs at her 36 week scan and we'll be 39+2 tomorrow!! hmm

But we'll see. I've been told that they can be out by 1lb either way on estimating the weight.

Thanks for your support!!


ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 04-Jun-09 16:28:52

Are you sure that they are going to induce you, and if it doesn't work, will send you home?

Once they start on inducing, the whole process starts. If the pessaries don't work, then they will do an Oxytocin drip, but this depends on your cervix.

But I've never heard of anyone going home mid induction.

DawnAS Thu 04-Jun-09 17:12:41

That's definitely what they said... That they would try with the pessaries and can try a maximum of 6 times at 6 hour intervals, but with a break at home for a day after 4 tries. Apparently they said that because it's quite stressful, they find that sometimes after a break at home in familiar surroundings, the final try of induction works better because you're more relaxed.

I think TBH, I'd rather get it over and done with...

They did say that they wouldn't use the drip until my cervix was dilated enough to break my waters...

fishie Thu 04-Jun-09 21:59:08

dawn that sounds a very civilised induction. go with it - sometimes it can be a bit brutal as i'm sure you've seen on threads here.

it all seems really promising, looking forward to seeing a birth announcement...

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