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What a beautiful Monday morning!!

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Expectantmum Mon 09-May-05 08:22:58

I just wanted to share with everyone - I have four weeks left to work before I start maternity leave and DB is due in just over six weeks and I feel great and I cannot wait for a wee cuddle from my little one!! Yippppeeeee!!!

Sorry, just wanted to share that with everyone!!!!

Donbean Mon 09-May-05 08:49:49

Im so of you, carry on with this cheerefulness, you have got so much to look forward to.xxxxxxx

Expectantmum Mon 09-May-05 09:57:44

Really thought I would start to feel quite anxious now, but feel more intrigued than scared, although I am not good with pain at all. Can't wait to be a mum!!

bambino1 Wed 11-May-05 14:45:11

Just to say that you are about to go through the best experience of your ife. Remember and cherish every moment. Even the very end part when you feel like your about to explode!!!

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