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have a question about due date (sorry a bit long)

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lovemybump Mon 01-Jun-09 08:49:19

is anybody able to help me on my due date calculation? I did not know my period dates and my GP send me to a dating scan. This scan showed I was 5w+4days pregnant and the due date was May 30. My second scan was the usual 20w scan and the date for some reason was changed then to May 22. The record from that second scan says that the due date estimated from menstrual period is May 30 and my final due date was set at May 22 (just to remind I never had edd from my period). Now, I know the date I had sex and if I calculate from that date 40 weeks exactly than my dd is June 1. Also, I know that it could be up to 5 days after sex that you can conceive so potentially my dd date could be June 5. Full term is upto 42 weeks so potentially I could carry the baby until June 19 with no problem, almost a month after my EDD! But I already have a dr appointment on June 4 (42 weeks if you take dd May 22) and no doubt they will put a lot of pressure from me for induction and also require daily monitoring. I do not want to be induced. Also my first child was born at 42 weeks (or so).

what do you think is more "correct" due date: May 22, May 30 (first scan) or June 1-5 (based on date of sex)? Could it be that they stuffed up my dd (May 22)?

littlelamb Mon 01-Jun-09 09:07:57

There is no need to go in for induction if everything is fine. And you don't add 40 weeks to the date you had sex, it would actually be 38 weeks, so I'd say it's more likely you are (were!) due in May. Stand your ground if you don't want to be induced. I went 7 days over by their dates (11 by mine, with both dc) and they were fine.

slushy06 Mon 01-Jun-09 09:10:45

As you don't know the date of your last period you need to remember that when they say 40 weeks pregnant they are counting from the day of your last period and estimating that most women ovulate about two weeks in to their cycle. So you need to count 38 weeks from the time you had sex giving you a date of 22 may. However on my ds at my 20 week scan I showed up as being 2 weeks further gone. They didn't change the date but he came 2 weeks early. None of our due dates are certain. But Your calculations are way out. Try not to worry as you don't know your due date they will scan before inducement.

lovemybump Mon 01-Jun-09 14:00:55

Thank you ladies for your advise. I kinda relaxed after my calculations, felt really light and great, went for a walk, came back, read your messages and realised that I was wrong and am in fact 10 days overdue. I have lots of anxiety about the inefficient placenta, meconium, etc, etc. It is hard to remain calm. I really really do not want to be induced. There are still no signs, although baby is moving fine (I think?). What if by body just can't go into labour? Sorry for the vent, very frustrated.....

slushy06 Mon 01-Jun-09 14:11:05

I would try nipple stimulation and enrole dh help tonight see if you cant get things going.

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