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Natural Childbirth in Greece vs UK

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athens153 Mon 01-Jun-09 08:13:08

Hi ladies,

I live in Athens, Greece and am thinking of starting a family in the next year. However, the idea of giving birth here terrifies me because everything is so expensive and medicalised. There seems to be no focus on the wellbeing of mother and baby, just on the convenience of the doctors. As for home births, forget it! C section rates here are now the highest in Europe and if you ask for a natural birth, you're treated like you're an irresponsible nuisance. Also, no rooming with baby.

What I would like from a birth is a holistic, natural experience. But even if I were to give birth in the UK, I would still need a gyneacologist in Greece who would listen to me and not make me feel like a crazy hippie.

I don't currently have a Gynea in Athens. Can anyone give me any recommendations? Also, please give me advice on natural birth in Athens, as when the time comes it could be that my pregnancy might be too complicated to travel to the UK to give birth. So I need to have a backup. My husband, who is Greek, is adamant on a private hospital birth, whereas I don't see the sense in paying upwards of EUR 5000 for something so natural.

Please help me! I'm so stressed just thinking about it!!!

Rosie29 Mon 01-Jun-09 11:03:39

I am in northern Greece, so no real help in finding a doctor, but I have had 3 dc's here.

I have a great doc, sees pregnancy as something natural, not too many tests, a few scans and no lectures on what to do/not to.

He didn't deliver my dc's as I didn't like the clinic he worked at, the cost (!) and the fact they kept the baby in a nursery. So, I bit the bullet and gave birth at the local hospital. it was fine, no drugs as all, completely natural. OK, I was put in stirrups and the room was very 'clinical' but docs and midwives were great, no problems at all. Was in a decent room with baby next to me. Also they really encouraged breastfeeding.

I didn't even think of travelling back to the UK as I worked until a week before each dc was born and didn't want to leave my dh as you can't fly for, I think, the last 2 months of pregnancy.

I am sure in Athens there are a few places where you can even have a water birth, as my doc told me.

I am sure someone will be along with more details for you. HTH

jules888 Mon 01-Jun-09 19:31:37


I am due to give birth on 8th October in the Southern Peloponnese and have been horrified by the cost, number of needless tests and scans (every month) and the fact that my husband (who is greek, I am English and speak very little greek) will not be able to be present in the delivery room!

I am trying (in vain at the moment) to find more natural - midwife led services somewhere in the area.

There is a group called who promote natural birth and are based in Thessaloniki so maybe they can help you?

In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions for me I will be eternally grateful.


mummygirl Tue 02-Jun-09 16:57:25


first have a look at this thread, where several women, including myself, talk about their experiences on a similar subject.

Second, don't torture yourself thinking that maternity care in the uk is any good. Unfortunately you have to be at the right (or wrong) place at the right time. I had my first in the uk and was treated like a sickly piece of meat rather than a human during a natural process. No homebirth available in my area and very poor postnatal care. Turns out that in the uk if you don't have your relies to look after you in the hospital you're on your own!

Of course there are a lot of positive stories too, I'm just trying to say don't get too worried about WHERE you are, it deosn't neccessarily determine your experience.

Finally, I've heard there's a birthing centre in athens, try to google it, I think it in the same building with a private clinic (Nike ???)

Good luck with it all

jules888 Sat 06-Jun-09 20:31:18

Thank you so much Mummygirl, you are right about the UK being a lottery when it comes to pregnancy/birth my first pregnancy was definately like the curates egg - good in parts!

I'm sure everything will be fine and look forward to October!

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