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Homebirth after VBAC?

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LessThenIdeal Wed 20-May-09 08:24:59

My first prenancy i had an emergency c-sec at 28 weeks as both boys were breech. DD was VBAC, which i really had to fight for as HCP all thought that i should have a section as i'd had one previously and there was a risk of scar rupture. Even with the VBAC, i still didn't get the kind of birth i really wanted - ended up stuck on the bed as they put a monitor on DD's head after they broke my waters. Ended up with a 3rd degree tear and 30 odd stitches and was in hospital (needlessly, i felt) for four days.

This time i'm considering a home birth - am i mad? Would i be 'allowed'? I just want to be around things familiar to me, to have my DC here and most importantly, not be away from them for any significant ammount of time.

childrenchildreneverywhere Wed 20-May-09 09:38:19

No, not mad at all! in fact it's probably your best chance of a normal, easy birth!

I've doula'd at Home VBACs and they are wonderful smile

Re. "are you allowed" - there's no such thing, it's your body, your birth, your baby you choose where to have your baby and the NHS must support you.

Two great resources are and the Yahoo group UKVBAC/HBAC (google it!) for women planning a VBAC (particularly at home).

You also might want to look into hiring a doula to provide you with constant support and confidence in your choices.

Good luck!

justlookatthatbooty Mon 08-Jun-09 18:17:54

hi there

just wanted to give my support to your HBAC question. I'm 34 weeks now and preparing for my HBAC after em C section 16 months ago.
My take when I speak to the consultants etc is..." I might allow you to scan me at 36 weeks but if I don't fancy it, I might not" I term everything in terms of allowing others to be present at my birth, e.g doula and midwife etc and dissallowing fetal monitoring if for some reason i end up in the hospital etc. It's a switch of headspace and feels much more empowering than asking the hospital for permission to birth the way I want and am entitled to. Have you got a doula? Would very highly recommend it!
Hope your process is going well. Let us know?

kysha Wed 10-Jun-09 06:54:49

Hi I am from South Australia and the co-ordinator of CARES-SA ( Caesarean awareness, Recovery, Education and support)
We support women for EBAC (Empowered birth after Caesarean) whether it be VBAC or HBAC or elective Csection. Check out the birth stories on our website. Just last week one of our members had a HBA2C posterior with brow presentation! But all good and well
Unfortunately here, a lot of women are forced to HBAC whether they like it or not, as the hospitals have so many policies it is very difficult to get a VBAC there. Those that do choose HBAC have a very good chance of delivering vaginally and all have a very empowered birth!
Unfortunately as of July 1 2010 in Australia, they are banning homebirths legally ( well not allowing independent midwives to be registered. It is very sad as all women should be able to choose where they give birth and have proper care throughout. Bottom line HBAC is a very sensible option for an otherwise low risk woman, good luck!!

BlueKangerooWonders Wed 10-Jun-09 07:07:45

I had planned c/s for breech followed by ventouse after failed epiduaral and finally homebirth! I felt completely confident in my choice of homebirth as I knew why the other births had turned out like they did.

Would you have the resourses for an independent midwife? It's sometimes hard to deal with the mutterings and raised eyebrows that you'll probably meet along the way. Could turn out to be the best money you ever spend. I didn't, and ended up with a fab NHS one, but I know the outcome might have been very different with one of the others on call that night.

I think your reasons for wanting a home birth are completely valid, and you've identified why the other births went as they did.

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