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Reconstructive surgery involving a COLOSTOMY bag months after birth....anyone else out there?

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Preezal Wed 13-May-09 10:14:38

I've had faceal incontinence problems since having my baby last Sept. I had a ventouse delivery following 63 hours of contractions and was not given an episiotomy. They repaired a 2nd degree tear when in fact it was far worse than that. Nearly 9 months on I'm now booked in for an extensive operation involving a plastic surgeon and colo-rectal surgeon. I will have to have a colostomy bag for 3 months and they will have to take skin and muscle from my thigh. Not only was the severity of the tear not picked up at delivery (which I can just about understand and forgive), but it was then not picked up following 5 examinations weeks later when I complained about the accidents I was having. I am angry to say the least and in shock at the gross negligence of the medical staff who were responsible.
I am so against the natural birth movement. I did the delivery on gas and air thinking that was the best way to do it. How wrong can you get. It was horrific. All other aspects of medicine have moved on but not childbirth. We're still expected to squat, bite on a stick and get the baby out naturally, RUBBISH.
Anyone else had such a rough time? It would really help me to hear from you.

Bambinobelly Thu 13-Dec-12 03:40:14

Ps i found this useful a book to read "A Better Woman" by Susan or "Hospital by the river"

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