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How can I reach JULIE TUPLER (Tupler technique for correcting abdominal separation)

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Gugu Tue 12-May-09 12:26:56

I am desparate about my abdominal separation and the ever-there BIG bulge!!!

There is NO expert who knows anything where I live and working on this major problem via books & DVD's 22 months after 2nd birth is not something I have the patience for...

I would like to meet Julit Tupler in person and get some private sessions with her... but somehow cannot find her webpage active or any other source giving her contact info..

Does anyone have any idea?

Alternatively, is there any therapists or experts recommended in the UK to help healing abdominal separation after childbirth?

Gratefully yours,
Sorry, it is me again.. Gugu... the desparate one from the other abdominal separation post!!!

kidowner Tue 12-May-09 20:58:41

I had that too and it was a form of hernia which I had treated on the NHS

Gugu Wed 13-May-09 11:07:18

how do you know if you have a hernia? I keep reading this and have no idea if I have one too or not.. any idea about how to reach julie tupler?

kidowner Wed 13-May-09 12:57:11

Go on all fours, pull in your tummy muscles. if there is a bulge where you innards are falling through, that is a hernia.

Sorry, never heard of a Julie Tupler. But if you've got a hernia, no amount of exercise, pull ups, sit ups, stomach crunches will make a blind bit of difference.

It's more noticeable if you're slim. Then you look about 4 mths pregnant when you're not.

kidowner Wed 13-May-09 13:06:36

Happens after carrying big babies/multiple pregnancies

Urist Sat 20-Jun-09 02:43:57


This is Julie Tupler and I came to this site through google where I saw someone was looking for me.

I can be reached by email from my website at

I work exclusively with women that have
the condition called diastasis recti.

This condition can be healed through my program

Julie Tupler, RN

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