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Abdominal pain 3 months after C-section

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Cocodrillo Mon 11-May-09 21:18:49

I had a C-section 11 weeks ago. If anyone puts any pressure on my abdomen (eg one of kids) I still have real pain and tenderness there - has anyone else experienced this? It's also painful if I move quick enough to make everything jiggle about, eg run across a zebra crossing... I went to the GP nine weeks post-CS, she felt around and said it couldn't be infection or I'd feel ill, and it didn't feel like organ damage, and sent me off. I'm supposed to go back if it's no better in a couple of weeks, but it's not changed at all for the past month... I'm getting fed up!

Cocodrillo Wed 10-Jun-09 22:21:26

Now waiting for an ultrasound appointment to investigate what is going on. Thanks again for the replies. I still feel a bit down and bitter about the whole CS experience, just silly little things like not being able to carry DS comfortably in a sling...

kid Wed 10-Jun-09 22:25:43

My last baby was born in 2002 and that was my second c-section. I get lots of pain on one side but its due to scar tissue. I had a scan done as the Dr didn't think it should be so painful, turns out its quite common. The only way to stop the pain for me would be surgery to remove the scar tissue. But that would create more scar tissue so not worth it really!

I didn't think they cut through the muscles, I thought they moved them out of the way. Not sure though.

dottyaboutstripes Thu 11-Jun-09 14:29:03

I am wishing I hadn't read this thread.....I had my 6th baby 2 weeks ago today - my first c-section. Now I am worried!!! GULP!

cocodrillo I hope you get some answers, let us know, won't you?

tsm Mon 24-May-10 15:39:50

I have had 2 caesarian sections, 12 and 9 years ago. 2 years ago I started having severe abdominal pain around the time of ovulation, but not every month. A laparoscopy to detect adhesions has been suggested. Has anyone had similar symptoms, this long after birth?

Finemiche Mon 28-May-12 15:29:11

I have had 4 C Sections in 4 years. The last one was 7 mths ago i still have pains in my stomach if i roll over to fast, sit up too fast or even lean on the counter when i am washing dishes. The doctor told me that i have adhesion's and a lot of scar tissue, i also tend to get burning sensations in the lower area of my stomach. The pain is excruciating at times so i guess that some of you are still lucky compared to me not to mention the fact that i have four kids all under 5 years of age to see about, thank GOD for my husband or else i might not be sane.

elizaregina Mon 28-May-12 20:10:57

wow 4 sections in four years! That must have been so gruelling to put yourself through?

Raven78 Tue 26-Jun-12 08:46:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kitstwins Wed 27-Jun-12 12:44:40

I've had two emergency sections. First, for twins, was grisly but I was back to 90% after four weeks although didn't start running until about 12 weeks post-section. The scar line had adhesions and 'pulled' on occasion, and in wet or damp weather it could feel twingy (weird!). Other than that, all okay.

Second time around I took things really slowly. I scarcely left the sofa, didn't lift, didn't do too much. In short, I did everything to maximise my recovery. I still felt bloody awful and no better by 4 weeks post-section, which I'd been holding out as my 'recovery benchmark' from last time. I went back to A&E a few times, saw my GP and even had abdominal ultrasound to check for any problems. Nothing, they simply said I was 'overdoing it' or may have had nerve damage.

At 6 weeks I suddenly developed a temperature, rock-hard abdomen with a big, red, hot raised area around my scar. Turns out I'd had an infection bubbling away in there for 6 weeks which had finally flared up. It wasn't in the scar, which had healed fine, but deep in the muscle/underlying tissue. Ironically, had I not taken things so easily and 'overdone' things a bit it probably would have flared up earlier. As it was, I ended up in A&E & got a massive dose of antibiotics. The infection cleared and I felt fine within a week. It made a massive difference. And there was I thinking and being made to think that it was all in my head; that I was being a bit of a drama queen about it all. Aside from the relief at finally getting it bloody sorted and feeling halfway towards human again, I remember thinking "I knew it!". I knew it had been more than I thought or was told.

I'm not saying you've got an infection at all but I am saying that if you don't feel right then go and see your GP or ask to see a consultant at the hospital. They can perform an ultrasound scan and do some blood tests. They checked me for infection via blood test on a couple of occasions and said I didn't have it, but as a (finally) switched on doctor pointed out, when it starts showing in your blood then things are at a different stage. It doesn't always have to show up on blood tests for it to cause debilitation and pain. Certainly I was side-swiped and scarcely mobile at 5 weeks post-section when I still wasn't presenting 'infection' in my blood tests.

I do think 3 months is a long time to still be feeling shit and in pain. Twinges are normal as the muscle heals, but anything more should always be checked. Is the pain a burning sensation? This can be nerve damage, which standard painkillers won't help (you need neuralgic 'painkillers' - usually micro doses of anti-depressants). It will pass as the nerves heal again but it can take time. Either way, go back to the doctor and tell them you don't feel right. Be specific and detailed and forceful about the degree of pain. If it helps, keep a 'pain diary' for a couple of days beforehand. Write down when it hurt (& what you were doing at the time, if anything) and how it felt (burning, achy, sharp, pulling, tender).

Hope this epic reply is of some use. Congratulations on your baby!
You will heal. You will feel normal again.

Mond Thu 20-Dec-12 17:35:38


I know this is a really old thread but hoping some of you have seen the results a couple of years down the line?

Crocodillo - How are you feeling , did your pain go away?

I am 5 months post section after 2 natural births and I am still in pain in my tummy area = struggle to lift car seat or pram and struggle generally with life with three kids and not being able to lift anything

I have had 5 infections in my womb and scar but am now clear of all of them - I have had a scan - nothing showed up _ Im now going to see a private a gynae who can hopefully shed some light - IF it is scar tissue how long does this take to heal? - and what sort of pain is adhesions??

My opain is like a tender bruised feeling across my belly.

Pleas tell me yours got better eventually!!

christa10 Tue 01-Jan-13 10:43:42

I had natural birth first time and elective c-section 2nd time round. I had a lot of pain for about 6 weeks after c-section and was convinced I had an infection even though I didn't have a fever or discharge etc. Well turned out I was fine- no infection. I just took longer to heal than some people. Friends would look at me with pity and tell me that they recovered in 2 weeks which made me more worried that something was wrong with me. There wasn't. I just healed differently than them. At 4 weeks I went for my first little walk down the road which was hard and after that I did little walks everyday and it actually sped up my recovery. After about 8 weeks the twinges disappeared and I was able to carry a heavy pushchair, car seat with baby etc. So don't get too worried reading all the posts on here. I know the people posting don't intend to worry anyone and are just sharing their experiences. But its easy to get alarmed reading all the bad cases and thinking the same is going to happen to you. I know I did and it made me worry more than I should have. To those who are still suffering and have had prolonged pain I feel for you because I know how bad I felt for the first few weeks. I hope and pray that you will recover and be able to look after your babies pain free.

KatieDingus Thu 10-Jan-13 14:52:34

I had an emcs with ds, my 1st, 5months ago and l still get twinges and pains. I have been worried but reading this thread has put my mind at rest as it sounds normal and it is easing, just very slowly!

Mond Tue 22-Jan-13 20:10:37


YOu must have had baby similar time to me? - Ds No 3 born 18 July 2012.

I went to see a gynae last week as I still wpouldnt fancy pushing a pram a mile, and carrying a couple of shopping bags from tesco to the car leaves me in muscular pain in the abdomen the next day - I regularly played netball and horse riding before the baby arrived and I couldnt dream of doing that now

Does that sound familiar to you?


ow did your recovery go?

mobellydance Sat 09-Feb-13 21:23:45

Thanks for posting this thread. i've also suddenly started getting pain 11 weeks after my section, having initially recovered well. Hopefully it's something and nothing, but going to see the gp just in case, as I have had some blood when going to the loo too.... My section was unavoidable really... failure to progress with a breech birth... But I do wish they would give you a clearer idea of what to expect after the surgery. But having read this thread I'm a lot less worried!

FergusSingsTheBlues Sat 16-Mar-13 17:07:26

Glad to read this thread two weeks after my csection and wondering if ive been doing too much....clearly yes, been out walking, housework, hoovering ironing and today woke up with super painful tummy and backache.

my cesction was elective and the best day of my life unlike the previous birth....psycholocally i feel fantastico, so frustrated at the tummy issues though

rainbowface Mon 18-Mar-13 13:46:41

Hi everyone, I had a c section 8 weeks ago, due to baby being breech. Have had normal deliveries before and have been a bit down and generally shocked at how different I feel this time post birth. I had no idea recovery would be so slow you just arent told at the time. Anyway just wanted to ask how soon was it before you felt like sex again or when it is safe - bearing in mind internal stitches (sorry if thats a bit to the point - have been too embarrassed to ask HV). Also how long did you bleed for afterwards? My bleeding seems to be stopping and starting altho is now just slight. TIA.

QTPie Mon 18-Mar-13 15:01:21

Sex should be fine 8 weeks after CS.

Rainbowface, are you bfing or bottle feeding. A second bleed could be your period (less likely with bfing) or it cold be a sign hat you are "overdoing" things.

shock at housework, hoovering and ironing two weeks after an ELCS.... Yes a C Section is "giving birth", but it is also very major surgery. If your Mum had a hysterectomy, would you expect her to do the housework, hoovering and ironing 6 weeks afterwards? Or would you insist she put her feet up? Do as little as possible that isn't baby related...

rainbowface Mon 18-Mar-13 16:07:16

Thanks for your reply. I am bottle feeding. It doesnt look like a period and it is very much there one day not there the next. Have had it the last three days thou. Just not sure whether to mention it to the hv or not. How long is normal to bleed after a cs? I had ragged membranes as well, so I guess I am worrying a bit.

QTPie Mon 18-Mar-13 22:27:58

I think that bleeds post-CS (and normal birth) can vary so much from person to person.

Personally I bled for about a week, then nothing for a few days, then started again (much heavier than before) and I bled for about 6 weeks... It generally decreased, but I bled more if I "overdid" things.

Your first period/s after birth can be quite odd: it can take a few months to get back to normal. I don't think it is uncommon to have your first period 8 weeks after delivery if you bottle feed.

HV doesn't tend to be much use at all with "mummy issues": they are there for the baby and not for us. If you are worried, then speak to a GP. In general, if the blood/discharge looks and smells (sorry TMI) "ok", you feel well within yourself (hard to judge after a birth or a CS!) and/or you don't have a fever, you should be ok... My guess (assuming all is otherwise ok) is it is either your period or over-doing things, BUT it never ever hurts to get yourself checked out.

rainbowface Tue 19-Mar-13 11:38:42

Thanks QTpie. I think it has just felt completely different this time post birth. I never expected to have a cs and dont feel I was given that much info afterwards re the fact that I had a scar to be careful of. I was only really told dont get it wet! I saw the retained membranes on my notes but didnt know what it meant til I asked at my 6 week check. Since then I have been panicking a bit about any bleeding.

QTPie Tue 19-Mar-13 16:52:27

Oh dear me, that is terrible care, am very sorry: they should give you more information sad

A CS is both a birth and a major operation too: recovery shouldn't really be "bad", but you should really take it as easy as possible (since overdoing it can give issues).

IrisGirl Tue 19-Mar-13 21:52:23

hi ladies.....i had a c-section (emergency due to non-progression at 9cms ggrrr) and to this day (DD is now 2.4) my stomach is still "numb" when touched on the outside, but i can feel pins and needles on the inside if that makes sense. no pain or anything but if i over do it when cleaning etc sometimes it feels like my someone has grabbed my stomach and is twisting it slowly and painfully from the inside, when this happens i'm literally on my knees deep breathing like i'm about to give birth lol. couple of minutes and it passes!! have spoken to doctor about it but told this is completely normal and not to worry...few women i have spoken to about it have funnily enough all mentioned the numbness in the stomach??

it certainly doesn't stop me doing whatever i want to do, but it is painful if i over do it!!

Peppermintsea Thu 07-Apr-16 20:37:03

I'm 12 weeks on and was doing well and getting back on my feet but I had a niggling pain on one end of my scar and a lump, I mentioned it to 2 doctors, 3 nurses and 2 midwives who all said it was fine. The pain ended up becoming excruciating so I went to the walk in centre, it was actually infected and now I'm back to how I felt 2 weeks post op and on antibiotics...the pain is still really bad and I think the infection was starting to spread around my system as I've had muscle pains, palpitations, back aches, pains in my legs...all could have been avoided. Make sure the doc checks you properly for infections as the "it's just healing" line was completely wrong for me.

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