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St John & St Elizabeth's

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Pollypockethouse Mon 11-May-09 12:39:15

I am interested to know if there is anybody on here with experience of John and Lizzie's? I am particularly keen for a non interventionist natural birth supported by midwives but due to GBS am not eligible for any of my local NHS Birth Centres and there appears to be no flexibility in this. I have spoken to them today and it appears they will allow you to combine NHS ante natal care with a delivery at the hospital, the only requirement is that you have a full blood count with them. This seems an ideal compromise to me especially as they have a repuation for superb post natal care and excellent breat feeding rates which is very important to me.

If you have any experiences of this hospital I would love to hear them.

Pollypockethouse Mon 11-May-09 12:39:59

I should add that this is not my first child and I have a history of straightforward term deliveries.

SympatheticConsultant Sat 16-May-09 21:54:10

Hi Pollypockethouse!
Whilst trying not to be biased (I provide oncall cover for the MLC) John & Liz's do have a very good set-up for low risk mother's wishing for a natural birth experience. The midwives at J&L's are very well regarded for their intra-partum skills and the postnatal care they provide. I am sure other mumsnet members will provide their experiences of care they received on the unit soon. But just to clarify you are happy to have a the IV anti-biotics for the GBS, as despite this there is no reason why you cannot otherwise have as non-interventionist a labour as you wish!

cityangel Sun 17-May-09 22:58:11

Pollypockethouse I had a recent positive experience there with a gynaechologist and vaginal surgery under general, but not childbirth. Very positive staff, clean place.

I did however give birth at St Thomas in the home from Home Unit which allowed me to have a midwife lead natural water birth. I just had to keep the cannular in so they could give me antibiotics for GBS. My waters broke late so the infection risk was minimised. Mine was a quick labour and so long as you've had the antibiotics 4 hours before the birth then the baby doesn't need to have them (although this may vary in other hospitals) hope this helps.
Despite having an easy pregnancy and the birth I wanted I tore quite badly so was transferred to the hospital section. You want to check what options are available if there are complications and if you were transferred to another hospital where that would be to.

I went overdue and tore so either way I never would have been eligible for our local birthing centre The Barkantine but I wasn't aware that IV antibiotics for GBS excluded you.

NW8mum Tue 23-Jun-09 20:27:25

Hi, just a quick message, a little late for your decison probably but just wanted to say I gave birth at John and Lizzies end of last year and it was fantastic - very experienced and reassuring midwives, small, personal environment and as you said great post natal care especially with breastfeeding. Glad to give you any more help. Good luck!

starmucks Tue 23-Jun-09 20:39:27

I had all my ante-natal care at the john and lizzie for DS1. I was deemed low risk, and like you was very keen for to have a natural and minimal intervention birth as possible. From about 32 weeks, my scans started showing DS small for dates, and by 38 weeks they said they said they wouldn't deliver him - his estimated weight was just over 5lbs. To be honest I felt completely abandoned by them, and I still have a healthy ammount of emotional distaste for them. I am having DC2 at Queen Charlotte.

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