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How long for Episiotomy to heal?

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TheHedgeWitch Sun 05-Apr-09 21:19:30

Message withdrawn

TheHedgeWitch Sun 05-Apr-09 21:20:18

Message withdrawn

Salleroo Sun 05-Apr-09 21:38:23

Yousa, that sounds horrendous.

I had an emeg epi but only along my perineum and veering off to the side but not 2 inches.

Took about 6 weeks. Got infected at 4 had to take Antibiotics.

If you can bear it, have a jug of lukewarm salted water to hand whenever you pee and pour it at the same time to keep the area clean without having to do too much rubbing and it will also help healing, and you know the old wiping front to back chestnut for a poo.

TheHedgeWitch Sun 05-Apr-09 21:40:59

Message withdrawn

bratley Thu 09-Apr-09 12:05:17

Mine took about 6-7 weeks to heal, didn't have an infection or anything though.
One thing I got told to do, and it did help, was, when you've showered/bathed/washed.... dry the 'area' with hairdryer, set to cool and NOT up close! The drier the area is the better it'll heal.
I felt like a right idiot doing it, especially if DH walked in the bedroom, but it did help.

And I had at least one bath a day with salt water.

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Apr-09 13:08:52

Mine was also to one side and so long it went onto my right buttock. Huge sympathies. I know how much it hurts sad

It took 3 full weeks to be able to wear clothes and sit, but it was still painful to pressure for another couple of months (i.e. didn't get far with sex).

After episiotomy heals and skin covers the scar, use Contractubex. It is a fantastic cream specific to scars of gynecological operations. It took a few weeks of massaging it on episiotomy scar and the pain was gone. Before, I was offered by doctor to do an injection that would kill the nerve there because doctor said pain wasn't likely to go away.

Bucharest Thu 09-Apr-09 13:10:53

A good 6 weeks, no infection. The best tip I had was holding a thick piece of towel against myself when going to the loo, and washing it in slightly salted (ach- sounds like a recipe) water with a few drops of tea tree in.
Sat on a cushion for a few months.

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Apr-09 13:42:59

I didn't wear anything down there for a week. Just stayed home with a towel wrapped around my waist and changed said towel when it got bloody. Yes, it was as lovely as it sounds.

Periwink Thu 09-Apr-09 15:05:34

I had an emergency episiotomy and a labial tear that needed stitching - so I know what you are going through.... mine took 6 weeks for healing ... area is still sensitive but no pain and there was no infection etc. I second the use of hairdryer - this really is the best way to keep the area dry - not glamouress but the area must be kept dry in order to heal properly. Also I took Arnica every day for the bruising and to aid the healing.

Wow what us ladies go through!

naturalisbest Sun 14-Feb-10 17:55:47

Mine seemed to heal really fast, but the scare then kept on breaking open (no idea what the inside is like). It could be that the tea tree sit bath which helped in the beginning was doing more damage after a while. My GP prescribed Trimovate antibiotic cream after 5 weeks which helped a lot. Tried sex after 7 weeks but had to stop as the pain was excruciating. Either it's smaller or less elastic. Me thinks another visit to the GP. I only wish I'd know what a massive problem having episiotomy was going to be.

Beanigan Sun 14-Feb-10 18:28:47

Goodness, sounds a bit nasty.. poor thing. I had an episiotomy, relatively small. Seemed to heal really quickly, a week or so. Never had any problems with it, barely noticed it was there and didn't make going to the toilet uncomfortable at all. Seems I was one of the lucky ones!

porcamiseria Mon 15-Feb-10 09:37:23

It took me ages, they are a FUCKER to heal, but they will eventually. Poor you X

make sure you take pain killers and also try diluted tree tea oil and evian squeezy bottle

alexw Mon 15-Feb-10 09:50:20

Have a really salty bath every day and dry with hairdryer. The salt is great for preventing infection adn also draws out any that might already be there.

bruffin Mon 15-Feb-10 09:54:13

I used lavender oil in the bath. I had 15 stitches which healed very quickly, MW was very impressedgrin

herethereandeverywhere Mon 15-Feb-10 14:35:21

Mine took about 8 weeks to heal (no infection) but still feels a bit bruised (like I've been kicked up the backside) 4 months on.

I bathed with tea tree oil every day or dabbed it (very diluted) using a sanitary towel.

Re: infection, change your sanitary pads LOTS. AT LEAST every time you go to the loo, if not more. I got through at least 10 towels a day but prevented the lingering open bit (sorry TMI) from getting infected.

Also found doubling up the thick sani pads (ie, using two at a time in a stack) made things more comfortable. Also holding a sani towel soaked in cold water over it when peeing (I could never manage to do the jug of water pouring thing, always got the aim wrong!)

If you haven't been prescribed diclofenac (sp?) for pain relief then go and beg for it. Paracetamol is not enough.

It WILL get better but you have my sympathies. I felt like I was dying for the first 2 weeks after giving birth!

HTH smile

DeSilva15 Wed 17-Feb-10 20:03:41

the things us women go thru. ive made a promise to myself i will tell my son every single day of his life all the pain and agony i went thru

its nw 3 weeks since i had my episiotomy and i had a forceps delivery as well.... i honestly dont know how long its going to take to heal but i hope it does asap!! the first week was ridiculous and i kept howling in pain in the postnatal ward as well. diclofenac is amazing! make sure ur midwifes prescribe u some...

last week had to go on antibiotics as midwife said stitches were fucking gaping! and looked like it was about to get infected.. so had to go on antibiotics, so as soon as u get a weird smell, go to docs or get ur midwife to check em! keep the area dry with a hairdryer as well... works like magic as i feel im on the way to recovery (i know this as im not downing painkillers every 4 hours anymore altho i still cant sit on my right bumcheek)

also... prune juice is amazing. u can actually doodoo without any excruciating pain. i strongly suggest u get some as i refused to go toilet for first week, and that just made it more painful. (sorry for tmi!)

BeckyBabs Sun 04-Apr-10 16:19:38

I had the same experience- I was on Diclofenac and parcetamol for about 6 weeks- what helped me in terms of conservative treatment was to shower frequently as you are doing but also to lie on the couch with my feet up- if you can raise your bum on a cushion so your bum is higher than your belly this will take a lot of the pressure pain away from the area- I had been sitting on a cushion with all my weight on top of the scar and it dudn't work- good luck.... Also have some chocolate as it is Easter!

YarninMonkey Sun 04-Apr-10 18:48:21

I had exactly the same as you but without the infection. It took me about 3 mths to be totally pain free. I sat in a shallow bath 3X day with tea tree and lavender oil and felt this helped greatly. I still get a sharp pain in my buttock every so often...apparently normal.

sillysow Sun 04-Apr-10 18:59:15

Hi, I had a large epi for a forceps delivery. At 7 wks things are much better. I didnt get any infection but I did get proud flesh at the end of the scar which had to be cauterized by the gp.
Sitting on cushions and bathing in lavender oil every day for 6 weeks, and painkillers for just the first two weeks - although incredibly sore it helped me restrict myself from too much physical activity.
It will get better in the end - although you do wonder when it will ever end.
I never thought i would be so greatful to be able to wipe my bottom without climbing the walls!

littler1 Mon 05-Apr-10 18:35:45

mine had mostly healed by 5 weeks and pretty much fully healed now @11 wks. I bought a childs blow up swim ring from the pound shop and sat on this semi inflated for the first 4 weeks.

Bathbaby Tue 06-Apr-10 13:26:05

You could also use baby wipes when you go to the loo, instead of normal toilet paper?
I guess the healing process will be longer if your wound is infected, which it could be if the stitches have opened. I would think it unlikely that they will resuture if that is the case.
My episiotomy healed ok in the end - I had 2 as first not long enough, and also had 2nd degree tear.
What we girls go through - we all deserve a medal!
Hope all heals well!

katgod Thu 08-Apr-10 14:55:26

Think I must be in the lucky ones camp with Beanigan. Episiotomy, doctor would not say how many stitches but he was down there a long time. I took the fact that he wouldn't say to be a bad sign, and was too scared to get a mirror and check. Had painkillers for about a week, wore a big thick towel, and did not really notice it as a problem. Sometimes I forget I had the episiotomy - remembered recently when vaguely attenpted perineal massage and felt the scar. Scar is about 1.5 inches I'd say.
Good luck

janiemouse Thu 15-Apr-10 21:59:13

Try lavender oil and camomile oil in the bath. You need to dilute it in a carrier (milk will do, or grapeseed oil if you want to make a big batch and keep it for a few days). 3 drops lavender, 3 drops camomile per 5 mls of milk, you'll probably need to double this for one bath. This 'recipe' was given to me by the MLU. I was very sceptical about aromatherapy but they made me a special blend for when I was in labour and another blend to help healing and I'm converted now. My MW said it was the fastest healing episiotomy she'd seen for years.

newmum31 Thu 15-Apr-10 22:52:07

I had 3 baths a day with tea tree oil in and took Arnica to help with the bruising and it helped tremendously.

I also sat on a kids rubber ring for several weeks as I couldn't sit down without a shooting pain in my bottom!

I should also mention that after 3 months still couldn't sit down without considerable pain so asked to be referred to hospital. They said I had developed polyps (abnormal growths of tissue) they were very sensitive inner skin layers that got caught up in the stitching of the episiotomy. Sounds totally gross but as I had been in such pain for so long I jumped at the suggestion of having a local anaethestic and having them cut out with a scaplel that same day. I then healed up in a few weeks good as gold.

butterscotch Fri 16-Apr-10 01:14:50

My physical stitches etc took about 4 weeks to Neal no infection but a good 6 months later I could still feel the area! Especially if I sat funny, broke int the car hard or during sex but now nearly 3 yes later fine!!!

Oh should add I had no infection etc...

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