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Ionesmum - a question from mears

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mears Fri 22-Apr-05 21:39:42

Hi Ionesmum - I was searching through archives for my first post and I came across old ones with you talking about your first birth resulting in a casarean. Do you mind me asking what happened second time around? Did you labour or have an elective C/S?

mears Fri 22-Apr-05 22:11:06

thought I saw you a short while ago

girrafey Sat 23-Apr-05 09:48:28

Hi, dont mean to jump in on your thread, but i was just reading about the lady who was saying about a c section second time round as she was over etc and i noticed that ionesmum said that she was near addenbrookes. I am now 1 day overdue with my first, but i decided to have my care at hinchinbrooke rather than addenbrokes as i felt this was a slightly better hospital. I just wondered if you had any opinions on this at all. ( sorry mears to jump in your thread, still new to this and havnt worked out how to cat some one yet) Thanks. x

mears Sat 23-Apr-05 12:59:36


rodeo1 Sun 24-Apr-05 23:34:36

Mears, just spotted Ionesmum on the thread 'Caesarean..'. I'm incapable of doing links, sorry!

WideWebWitch Sun 24-Apr-05 23:37:29

Mears, think it was a planned section, from looking at this thread

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