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Do contractions always equal back pain?

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Cosmogirl Sat 28-Mar-09 20:29:12

Just wondering if you always get back pain with contractions? I haven't really experienced any back pain during pregnancy and never got back pain during periods, so was wondering if ctx have to include back pain?

TIA (first timer who knows nothing and is worried she will not recognise ctx!)

Cosmogirl Sat 28-Mar-09 20:30:10

BTW I am two days from my due date so watching out for any signs..

OatcakeCravings Sat 28-Mar-09 21:48:43

No I didn't have any back pain with mine. You'll recognise contractions by the way!!

hedgiemum Sat 28-Mar-09 21:50:00

I too never usually have back pain. For all mine (3 DC and pg) there has been back pain as my first sign of contractions starting, and continuing as part of ctx, but "pain" more centred on abdomen area for me. Once into transition and then pushing, the back pain has moved down to be more in my bottom, and very intense.

Believe me, you will recognise ctx when they start in earnest! Although vaguely period-pain like in the very early stages, they soon enter a league of their own in intensity. Once very strong, you'll find relaxing your body helps, rather than tensing up out of fear. I have enjoyed 2 of my labours immensely (had one horrid one with too much intervention and loooong recovery) and am looking fwd to my next! No - I'm not joking! It's an experience like no other.

Hassled Sat 28-Mar-09 21:51:05

With DC1, all the pain was in my back - he was the wrong way round (not breech, but YKWIM). With the others, no back pain.

Don't worry - you really won't fail to spot a contraction.

Ceolas Sat 28-Mar-09 21:52:25

I always get back pain but I know others don't. I agree you'll know it when it starts wink

Good luck!

Cosmogirl Sun 29-Mar-09 08:48:50

Thanks for the replies ladies smile Sounds crazy but I can't wait for labour to start. I have had the longest/sickiest pregnancy I just want to meet my baby now!

countrylover Sun 29-Mar-09 16:04:08

Hi Cosmogirl!

I've been wondering how you've been doing. I remember you from our joint 'i hate being/feeling sick' posts at the beginning. Although I know you've had it soooo much worse and the whole way through.

I just wanted to say how much I admire you for getting through nine months of sickness. I barely managed nine weeks without loosing the plot. You've done fantastically well to get this far and I bet you thought 1st April was never going to come.

Congratulations on (nearly) getting to the end. Here's to a final stop to the nausea and meeting the little tike who's put you through all of this.

Let me know how you get on. Good luck and have a hot curry, a shag and a leisurely walk. It's what worked for me last time although thinking about it, if you're still feeling sick ..perhaps not!

Best of luck xx

Cosmogirl Mon 30-Mar-09 08:53:47

Hi Countrylover,

Good to hear from you! I remember you too from those horrible sicky early weeks. I am really glad you did not suffer for too long with the sickness and nausea - it is really such an unpleasant symptom. I have been absolutely gob-smacked that it has been so bad for me - I just did not expect it at all. Think I was vomiting until about 25 weeks and then from that point constant nausea but able to eat better and at least keep everything down.

It truly has felt like the longest and most difficult nine months of my life and I feel a bit cheated that it is my due date tomorrow and still no signs of anything happening. After such a tough time you would think fate would perhaps through me a rope and let me go early.....not looking likely....

Ah well, it is a matter of 10 days now that I need to drag myself through until medical induction (if it comes to that) and after surviving for this long, 10 days shouldn't be too bad <hopeful>....

Thanks again for thinking of me xx

Sweetie34 Mon 30-Mar-09 11:33:03

Er..... I may well be the only person wo didn't know they were in labour!!! I had twinges, but nothing like I was taught to expect. I thouhgt it was wind!! And NO, the pain wasn't in my back at all. It felt like I was bloated!! Sent DP to chemist for some windeze or the like. After around 12 hours with the pains slowly getting worse I made my way into hospital - still convinced it was wind. I had my daughter 1 hr later!!!

I am 27 wks now and hoping its a little more recognisable!

Good Luck!

Cosmogirl Mon 30-Mar-09 11:39:35

That is crazy Sweetie! My BH (if that is indeed what they are) also have felt very much like trapped wind. I haven't had periody cramps/back ache or anything like that, just like my tummy is full and tight. It feels unpleasant and uncomfortable but not what I would call 'pain'.....Will be interesting to see what real labour pains feel like...

PinkTulips Mon 30-Mar-09 11:45:55

have alwats had chronic back pain during pregnancy but contractions for me are a blinding hot pain in my hips and whole pelvis.

belly and back are always oddly unaffected, even during posterior labour!

back pain from preg remained throughout labour though so didn't do me much good!

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 30-Mar-09 11:46:38

Now I don't want to frighten you - just telling my own experience...

The back pain during a long labour with ds1 was worse than the contractions till I was fully dilated - and it didn't go away between contractions it just stayed there.

The only thing that helped was scalding hot water bottles wrapped in a towell and tied round my back! Oh and standing in a hot hot hot power shower with my back under the water and my hands on my thighs.

I arrived at the hosp with a hot water bottle tied in place with an old scarf which fell out when I started getting undressed for examination. grin

When I told my mum after she said 'oh yes I'd forgotten about the horrendous back pain'.

For ds2 I had a tens machine ready with lots of extra pads in case it was a long job again but he was transverse so an elective c-section.

Sweetie34 Mon 30-Mar-09 12:40:46

"It feels unpleasant and uncomfortable but not what I would call 'pain'.....Will be interesting to see what real labour pains feel like..."

Sounds like (my)labour....... I was a week early! I will be looking for you on Birth Announcment Thread!

BarrelOfMonkeys Mon 30-Mar-09 13:01:55

I had a lot of back pain, but bubs was posterior position (her spine against mine), and I never really got period-style pains that I was expecting, it started with pains in my lower back intermittently. TENS machine helped in the early stages.

whingeomatic Mon 30-Mar-09 13:11:05

I had back pain with dd1 as she was posterior, but with dd2 it was all front period-type pains.

Don't worry about not realising - these period pains were literally breath-taking [smile}

postnatalbacksolutions Tue 22-Nov-16 09:07:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SeventeenRainbeaus Tue 22-Nov-16 12:10:42

I don't remember any back pain. It started as a dull stomach ache. Didn't realise it was labour until I noticed waters and a bit of blood! Went back to bed then about 2hrs later, pains suddenly radiated over my stomach more and more as the contractions got more intense. When I got to hospital I was told I was 7cms already so didn't have long with intense pains. [As far as I know] I was in established labour for 3 1/2hrs, roughly 2 of those I was in labour at hospital. (Of course you don't know exactly when you are 5cms dilated which is when established labour is determined plus midwives have different sized fingers!)

I think, if you can, the best way through it is trying not to resist it and breath or groan through or into each one until the end.

NickyEds Tue 22-Nov-16 22:02:39

With both of mine I had intense back pain, right at the base of my spine. Every contraction was all in my back with very little around my front. Turned out both were back yo back and that type of pain is more common with back to back babies. Dd turned during labour and everything immediately became easier!

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