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Please help...depressed at prospect of being overdue...

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MamanFlo Wed 20-Apr-05 09:05:43

hi mums

I need your help and support...I am 39 weeks and 4 days due date is 23/04. I have had a bit of prelabour these past two week-ends, and on monday I really thought things had started, but an internal examination concluded that my cervix was still closed and high...Since then I have had no signs of labour at all, no contractions, no show, no back pains...
My MIL is travelling from France this friday and will leave on wednesday. She really hopes my baby will be on is her first grand daoughter...and I would be really disappointed not to offer her this great moment (I like her a lot) ...I am getting more and more pessimistic now, thinking that I will be overdue and they will have to induce me...It's just a feeling, but I can't help it.... I am also really afraid of having a c-section (low lying placenta, natural birth possible though...) .

I wondered if any of you had had a "sudden labour ", that is : no signs on the three days before but suddendly labouring around the due date ? ....

Anyway, any stroy or help will be welcomed to help me cheer up...thanks...

expatinscotland Wed 20-Apr-05 09:09:02

I had 'sudden labour'. I'd been having Braxton-Hicks contractions for months before. But on the Wednesday I had real contractions for about 3 hours. They knocked off when I sat in a warm bath, but came back 24 hours later. True labour began. On Friday our daughter was born.

Have you tried a hot curry? How about a cool glass of white wine or two (worked for my mother and sister)?

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 20-Apr-05 09:10:51

MamanFlo, 2 friends of mine went and had reflexology because they were overdue - both went into labour within 24 hrs - maybe worth considering.

SkiBunnyFlummy Wed 20-Apr-05 09:11:35

I think in the majority of cases it just sneaks up on you. I don't think very often there is any warning, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Having said that I was three weeks late, dp had gone back to work and mum had gone home by the time dd decided to arrive.

It does feel like the longest days of your life while you are waiting though. Anyway France is very close (assuming you are in England) so I am sure she will come back to see her first grand child.

Try not to put pressure on yourself love.

But to hurry things along you can try: sex, curry, and a dose of cod liver oil.

Flossam Wed 20-Apr-05 09:12:30

I remember it well! DS was 15 days early. I had a few things ( a couple of shows) and was pooing lots (TMI, sorry), but was talking to my mum on the Sunday saying I was sure I was going to be very late, and lamenting another month of being pregnant. 6am next morning, waters broke, hurrah! When I phoned mum she pointed out that I had told her I felt lighter, which had made her think. Also that day I got strecth marks around my pubic bone, obviously DS moving into position! That evening I had a few niggly pains, but DP had his friend down and I thought he'd think I was just moaning about him being here if I told him I was getting pains, so I just sat it out!

Basically, what I am trying to say is, it wasn't till after I went into labour that everything seemed to fit the puzzle. Although I had a few shows, I was well aware that didn't mean anything immenent (SP), and was prepared for the long haul. I hope it isn't long for you, but worry about you, not MIL. And Friday is still 2 days away, lots can happen before then. It's not like she's going to blame you for it not happening! I'll be looking forward to seeing your birth announcement. xx

Nemo1977 Wed 20-Apr-05 09:13:42

Didnt have sudden labour im afraid but i did go 15 days over so was induced. TBH i thought it was great once in retrospect as I had a labour lasting 90mins from start to finish and it was great. I also convinced myself i would be likely to have c section etc but i didnt and my ds was 9lb 1. I know its horrible when u go over as everyday i woke up praying today would be the day. However with another baby i would be happy to go

lemonsquash Wed 20-Apr-05 09:15:53

MamanFlo I had reflexology too as I was v worried about going over. Had had loads of niggles for about a week. If nothing else it relaxed me loads so was well worth it, and I'd recommend it. Also walked lots (well as much as I could waddle ).
Just after that I also had a sweep which I think kicked things off as well, so a combination of the 2 meant I had dd 8 days late but 2 days before induction was booked. Hang in there!

compo Wed 20-Apr-05 09:16:04

Couldn't your dh just ring your MIL when you go into labour?

Enid Wed 20-Apr-05 09:16:20

I never had any signs of labour and went into very fast, immediate labour both times - a shame as I had always harboured a desire to potter around the kitchen making sandwiches while in gentle labour - never happened quite like that though

SkiBunnyFlummy Wed 20-Apr-05 09:16:56

oh see what you mean by sudden labour. yeah had no show, no braxton hicks nothing until day before baby born

compo Wed 20-Apr-05 09:17:04

then she could travel over then?

expatinscotland Wed 20-Apr-05 09:22:07

Gentle labour? Those contractions HURT all the way through! I was in 'gentle labour' for about 12 hours and would have done anything to speed it up.

MamanFlo Wed 20-Apr-05 10:36:01

I know all of this is stupid...I wish she hadn't booked her eurostar ticket like this, but she is a busy woman (She runs a major hospital in Paris...ironically !) and I guess that was the best for her. DH says that she will not blame me for this, and he is probably is really the feeling of not failing her and being able to live that with her (seems crazy but she is really adorable...and DH is her only son, I do not wish to have this stolen from her).

Curry yes...I am looking for a good indian restaurant in London for friday !!! (let's splash out !) . And for reflexology I hope I can get an appointment would be so relaxing anyway.

Will let you know.........

SkiBunnyFlummy Wed 20-Apr-05 10:49:28

Go to Brick Lanem then you are close to the very useful Royal London Hospital. I had my bambino there - it is massive! They have every machine you could dream of!

MamanFlo Wed 20-Apr-05 11:20:38

I am trying acunpuncture : appointment at 12.30 today...hope this works !

006 Wed 20-Apr-05 11:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pol25 Wed 20-Apr-05 13:48:36

I was overdue and due to be induced on the monday- yet on Friday it all started!!! Had been going into hosp regular as I had lots of reduced movements and babies heart kept dipping out.
We feeling pretty cheesed off because I just wanted a healthy and happy baby... There and then...
But got home from hospital on Fri and decided to have a snooze on the sofa and woke up feeling odd. Labour had started at 2:05pm by 5:31am on saturday morning I had a beautiful and healthy baby girl!
Good luck it will happen!!!

Lizzylou Wed 20-Apr-05 14:49:37

I was 6 days overdue, very depressed and fed up...I couldn't even imagine that I would EVER have my DS, I spent an afternoon moaning to my friends on the email and then just started having signs, nothing, believe me I was looking out for them!
Best of luck, take it easy, you will be a Mommy before you know it!

juicychops Wed 20-Apr-05 21:37:11

I was 5 days overdue. I had a lamb madras every night for the last 5 nights to see if theat would do anything. also had lots of sex but that also did nothing. Just had to stick it out and let it happen on its own (went to a club the night before... maybe the loud noise / vibrations started it off)

leander Wed 20-Apr-05 21:42:46

I am 2 days overdue now and am totally fed up, but i cant be arsed with all the curry and sex malarky so i suppose i will just have to wait.

bellababe Wed 20-Apr-05 21:43:37

I remember feeling exactly like you - plus I was in real pain with pelvic problems. Even if you go to the absolute limit, time-wise (ie you are induced because you're so overdue) you just have to keep reminding yourself that it WILL happen and that time WILL pass, and that you WON'T be pregnant for ever and that your gorgeous, precious baby will eventually be in your arms rather than your belly.
I do know.
I hated it. Induced with #1, 2 days late with #2, a week late with #3.

uwila Wed 20-Apr-05 21:46:38

no sudden labours for me. I've been where you are. So I can offer sympathy.

Libb Wed 20-Apr-05 21:49:00

I was 5 days late but still had a sudden labour, my plug went in the afternoon - then waters popped around 11.30pm and DS arrived at 4am.

I was so pleased it was that fast so I will keep all my bits crossed for you that not only is it sudden but at the right time. Perhaps your MIL could loiter with intent - she may not be able to help herself when she sees how close you are?

CrazyDi Wed 20-Apr-05 23:26:05

You have my sympathy as I know exactly how you feel!! I am currently 7 days overdue now and have had everyone 'hanging round' for a week now and still nothing!!

At the end of the day we have no control when bubba will arrive so best thing is to sit back, relax and just let nature take its course (as frustrating as it is!!)

If your m.i.l is as great as you obviously think she will enjoy the time with you anyway and she will understand 100%!!

MamanFlo Wed 20-Apr-05 23:34:13

you're all so sweet...went to dinner with my girlfriends tonight and it helped to cheer me up...I guess having my mil around will help as well (she might also make good use of her visa card )

thanks a lot...It helps ...


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