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will labour make rectocele worse?

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drr Mon 23-Mar-09 00:14:57

I have a mild rectocele following 1st birth (DS now 3 years old). I had 3rd degree tear and 2 hour second stage which will have contributed to rectocele. Am now 24 weeks and hoping to have an elective CS as I fear labour will make rectocele worse (plus took a long time to recover from 3rd degree tear and do not want similar problems again).
Can anyone share experiences/ facts about whether labour will make a rectocele worse? Am finding it impossible to find any info/data to help me make informed choice about best delivery option.

Mumwhensdinnerready Mon 23-Mar-09 15:09:15

I suffered rectocele and cystocele after second baby. As I understand it there are several risk factors, not least pregnacy itself.I had heavy cough and sneezing (hay fever) during the pregnancy. I read later that a very fast second stage is high risk. Both my labours were under 3 hours.
I found midwives totally lacking in knowledge of prolapses.
Not sure this helps much , could you speak to an obstetrician rather than a midwife for advice?

drr Tue 24-Mar-09 09:37:12

Thanks MWDR - I had a quick labour but slow 2nd stage. But I think bad tears are one of the risk factors too... and long 2nd stages increase risk of tears... so we cant win either way!

Agree that midwives are totally lacking in knowledge re prolapses. I knew something was not quite right after the birth and asked midwife to check it out blush but she looked whilst I was lying on my back and so everything looked fine. My GP picked it up at my 8 week check up and physiotherapy plus good diet has really helped.

I am under consultants care for 2nd pregnancy but she does not seem to have any more info to help. So I wanted to know what others have experienced.... Will labour make the problem worse? If it does then I know bad prolapses need treating surgically.... and my reasoning is I might as well have a CS - with known risks and success rates - than surgery to repair a prolapse - which i have read is not tremendously successful long term.

(I also have a cold/cough at the mo so am really putting pelvic floor through its paces!)

Mumwhensdinnerready Tue 24-Mar-09 15:55:59

I do hope you find some decent advice drr. I also had a bad tear second time round despite quick delivery .
I wonder whether a CS would really make a difference long term if you already have the prolapse?
Try to do all you can to protect the pelvic floor while you have this cough (this includes holding on with your hand if no one's looking!).

manitz Fri 03-Jul-09 21:38:56

hi drr, how did it go? have you had the baby ? i've just been diagnosed and had hoped to have another baby but think it might be the end for me. sounds like you dealt with yours without surgery, would like to do the same.

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