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baby back to back at 38 and a bit will this affect childbirth?

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MinkyBorage Sat 14-Mar-09 20:14:02

Have had two really straightforward births so far, and am a bit anxious that a back to back delivery will be awful. Any ideas?

QueenFee Sat 14-Mar-09 20:16:19

My DS was back to back which I wasn't aware of until he was born! My 2 labours felt the same to me and DD was the right way round. The only problem we did have was that DS kept popping back up instead of progressing down. I can't say it hurt me any more - Dont know what others experiences were like.

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory Sat 14-Mar-09 21:33:31

Mine was back to back but turned during labour. The midwives said this was quite common. Good Luck!

superdenki Sat 14-Mar-09 21:36:57

my first was back to back. as you might expect all the contraction pain was in my lower back - tens machine really helped. he didn't turn and i ended up with epidural and forceps to get him out in the end. but as it was my first i didn't have anything to compare it to! am sure you will be fine - plenty of time for baby to turn before he/she arrives.

StudentMadwife Sat 14-Mar-09 21:40:18

Generally makes the labour longer and more painful/lots of backache.
Get down on hand and knees as much as possible and try not to slouch into sofa/chair, try sitting on a chair the wrong way round and leaning on the back instead.

gd luck

there is time to change yet. ds1 was OP for the last few weeks, breech at 38+5, tansverse when scanned 4 days later and OA at birth lol

yomellamoHelly Sat 14-Mar-09 21:40:45

ds2 was back to back. Felt like he was banging into my hips each cx. Meant the bit where I was told I could push when I wanted lasted two hours (had no urge to so didn't). Also felt being on my back was the worst thing ever for me and had to get dh to help me roll onto my side after every exam they had to do (slow progress stressing them out).

clayre Sat 14-Mar-09 21:43:58

my ds was back to back, my whole labour lasted 1 hour 31 minutes and he turned as he came out, i only pushed 3 times and was at the hosp for 6 minutes before he was born.

The last couple of weeks of pregnancy were horrid, very painful, couldnt eat or sleep or move very well because of his position.

HarryB Sat 14-Mar-09 22:20:40

Minky, my DS was back to back too for weeks, so I got one of those bouncy gym balls and sat up straight on it for 2 slots of 15 mins per day. On my next antenantal, he had moved position. Same happened to a friend.

MinkyBorage Sat 14-Mar-09 23:05:23

Thank you for replies. The midwife suggested the same as you student madwife, but I've been too knackered not to flop on the sofa, think I'll have to stop being so lazy. Also, HarryB, think gymball good idea. damn damn, am too lazy.

Am reassured by tales of turning babies. Thank you.

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