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Anyone had a homebirth after episodes of high blood pressure?

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NBM Sat 14-Mar-09 16:27:14

I am 38 weeks pregnant. i have put a lot of effort into planning at homebirth, pool up, hypnotherapy course done, listening to hypnp cds, doula visits and booked etc.

I went for a routine MW appointment on wednesday and my blood pressure was high,baby lying across ways, some swelling and headache so i was sent to the hospital. Throughly checked, blood pressure down, baby moved (head down) etc. I went for an extra appointment on friday, again blood pressure high so I was sent to the hospital, blood pressure down immediatley, bloods fin etc.

The thing is the community MW has now said that i can't have a HB BUT the hospital midwife and consultant have said I can but would need to go into hospital if my BP went up in labour (like anyone else). The consultant said to have extra BP checks and to see how it goes between now and labour (presuming that BP does'nt get too high or protien etc)

The thing is my BP goes up at he community MW's and although I feel comfotableish with her now, I have had issues in the past and wonder if it is her making it rise? blush The doctor also wonder if their BP machine is wrong?hmm

Can anybody please tell me their experiences?

NBM Sat 14-Mar-09 17:03:24

NBM Sat 14-Mar-09 18:16:11


NBM Sat 14-Mar-09 19:28:18

Ok it is just me then <<<<<lonley>>>>>

misscreosote Sat 14-Mar-09 20:48:05

Hi NBM - don't feel lonely, its not just you! I had similar in my last pregnancy, BP went up towards the end as I was stressed that I was going to be 'forced' to be induced and wanted a homebirth. I measured it at home, no probs, but went up at the midwives, and even higher when I was trying to argue against being induced at my consultant appointment (not a very friendly guy..). As soon as I caved in and was admitted for induction, bingo, back down to normal.

This pregnancy I've gone for an independent midwife, and BP readings have (so far, touch wood), been lower than at the start when seeing CM, as at home and not going into 'battle' mode. So I totally agree that your BP is influenced by how stressed you feel at that point.

If your consultant is still OK with the homebirth (assuming everything keeps on track), then I don't see why the CM is disagreeing - can you ask to see a different midwife for your appointments? Hopefully you'll have a different (hospital) midwife at the homebirth anyway...

cwtchy Sat 14-Mar-09 20:50:37

Hi NBM, thought I'd reply even though I haven't had a homebirth yet, didn't want to leave you lonely..

my blood pressure went up on my due date with DD, community midwife kept sending me over to hospital for them to assess me. Trouble is after one high reading, I was getting so worried about it I'm sure I was making it go up! DH is medically trained and would take my BP at home, it was fine. I got admitted in the end as I started getting protein too. But as soon as I was admitted my BP was normal every reading they did.

Anyway, if the hospital are being supportive of you still wanting a homebirth, I would carry on demanding one! If there was a problem with your BP it would be raised at the hospital too I would imagine. Could you see a different community MW to take BP readings? Or maybe get the extra checks at the hospital?

I'm 17 weeks with DC2 and want a homebirth this time, I'm practising being calm and serene and low of blood pressure..

NBM Sun 15-Mar-09 19:11:57

Thank you for replying. I have had my BP taken again today by a different CM and it was high.sad But she tested my urine for protien first and said that there was some in there - so no wonder it was high!

Anyway, i was sent to hp who monitored my BP and tested for protein again. BP high at first then went down. There was trace protein - they said nothing to worry about! Again, hosptial staff supportive of

I have been have tightenings all day but I'm not covinced it will come to anything!smile

childrenchildreneverywhere Mon 16-Mar-09 10:33:56

Yes, I have. I managed to still have a homebirth, you can read my story here:

Good luck!

princesspoet Thu 25-Nov-10 15:14:01

amazing birth story!! :-)
I'm on here because I googled high blood pressure & homebirth... my blood pressure was 140/85 at my last appointment but my midwife didnt seem bothered so fingers crossed for my home birth!

mamasunshine Thu 25-Nov-10 20:29:38

Yes, I had pregnancy induced hypertension. I was in hospital on BP drugs from 39-40 wks. Then went home once BP stabilised on drugs and had homebirth smile It was amazing. My BP was great throughout labour...especially in the bath, so water I'd def recommend! Good luck!

mamasunshine Thu 25-Nov-10 20:31:41

Ru using new pots when doing a urine sample for CM? I found that I would have a trace of protein if I'd had used the pot a lot. A new pot was always clear. Also protein isn't a worry for PET unless it's +1 >

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