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nesting it a sign labour will start in next few days

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babyalfie Sat 14-Mar-09 11:55:10

well today I woke up and want to clean the entire house... goodnessknows where i have got my energy from but I have just done the fridge freezer the entire kitchen and going to start on the bedrooms and the living room. Gosh I ahve been so shattered up until today.. is this a good sign that labour may start natural soon or not as never gone into labour natural before. This is my fourth baby. Thanks

LackaDAISYcal Sat 14-Mar-09 12:02:55

it sounds hopeful...good luck smile

I've got three and only had one natural labour and got it into my head to rearrange furniture the night before i went into labour. My DH stopped me though and refused to do it for me grin

LackaDAISYcal Sat 14-Mar-09 12:03:59

try and not do too much though or you'll have no energy left for the main event!!

lizziemun Sat 14-Mar-09 12:52:51

Not here it hasn't. I cleaned the house from top to bottom the first week in march. Was due the 9th and i'm still here waiting [fed up face]grin.

babyalfie Sat 14-Mar-09 12:53:35

oh good i better not too much then but intend to clean and dust etc the babies room today so will be complete. I am very fed up as bought a pram about 8 weeks ago and the shop rang to say is delayed about 10 weeks so have no pram! They will not refund me aas been ordered too. I then have bought a cheaper one off ebay and it has not turned up after 1 week and the people have emailed to say they are away for 10 days! not having much luck am I?

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