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Constant tightening of tummy - what does this mean

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wayupnorth Fri 13-Mar-09 17:25:49

I am 37 weeks today and for the last week I get a very tight belly every time I stand up and walk around. Cant be braxton Hicks can they as they last for way longer than the books say? (can be 10 mins tightening or until I sit down again).

Whats going on? Any advice greatly appreciated.

SnowlightMcKenzie Fri 13-Mar-09 17:28:48

BH. Your body is just 'toning' up.

ouchitreallyhurts Fri 13-Mar-09 17:45:45

sounds like bh to me - I used to get very long tightenings esp if I'd over done things a bit. MW said it was nature telling me to slow down - easier said than done as a nurse and mum to 3 kids wink
good chance to practise your breathing for the big day

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