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I'm Terrified!!

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CrazyDi Mon 18-Apr-05 08:59:35

With all the complications I have had this pregnancy I spent the whole time praying for my due date to come so it would all be over. I have had severe anaemia and have had to get prepared for transfusions etc should a pph occur etc so was a little nervous!!

But now I am 5 days over due and have an appointment at the today and am petrified!! It wasnt until my actual due date that I got worried but am sat here with butterflies so bad that its making me sick!! Its my 3rd baby and I am scared that something is going to go not looking forward to the pain again .

Sorry to blab on but just wondered if anyone else was this nervous or am i just being a baby?? .

Dont really want to say anything to hubby as if he starts worrying he will just end up annoying they do!!

JoolsToo Mon 18-Apr-05 09:12:01

I had 3 and was nervous every time!

There's no going back now so I wish you luck!

triceratops Mon 18-Apr-05 09:22:37

Anaemia makes you feel really horrible and down anyway and coupling that with being ready to give birth you must be feeling dreadful. I think that it is quite common to panic just before the birth anyway. (I don't think you can change your mind at this point!)

At least your medical team know about these problems so they should be able to help you as much as you need. Keep focused on bringing home your lovely baby. Good Luck.

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