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Ok I'm 37 weeks and terrified!! Some reassurance please...??

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Whiteybaby Tue 10-Mar-09 13:02:53

I had a bit of a funny turn yesterday with dizzyness and headache so went to local hosp. To give an idea of my ignorance I was surprised when sent to delivery suite for checking as assumed would go to ante natal triage! Although everything absolutely fine with BP etc I was showing reg tightenings on the monitors and they were a bit hmm that I couldn't feel them! They had a poke around (much to my delight as wasn't expecting to be showing my bits to anyone just yet! blush) but everything closed and so was sent home and told to come back if anything started up! I haven't finished work yet although now working from home except for last day at end of week but have realised I feel completely unprepared for whats going to happen and actually quite scared! I feel such a fool admitting this as its pretty obvious but seem to have spent last 37 weeks with head in sand. Am I completely bonkers or did anyone else feel the same? Having been convinced it would be late (1dc obviously!!) I'm now on tenterhooks and it could still be weeks!!

LilianGish Tue 10-Mar-09 13:20:31

Dd born at 36 weeks after being given a date by French doctor which was three-and-a-half weeks later. Had only just stopped work - thinking I still had a few weeks to prepare myself - when my waters broke I couldn't believe it was happening! To be honest I don't think you're ever really prepared - I'd been pregnant for nearly 9 months, but I still hadn't come to terms with the fact that I was actually going to have a baby. I have to say that feeling persisted for the first couple of weeks of dd's life. My first thought when I saw her was "I can't believe that's my baby". Didn't have any problems bonding or anything like that, but I really identify with your post. I would just add don't be terrified - I found giving birth much less traumatic than I'd feared in fact my first words to my husband were "Is that it?" Good luck - it'll be the best days work you ever do!

rabuxton Tue 10-Mar-09 13:26:23

I am also 37 weeks and at my routine appointment yesterday was told that this weekend would be good to give birth as baby is decending! I was a little shocked as this seems a little early, however now I have thought about it I am very excited that I will be meeting my baby very soon. grin
I am also still at work and meant to be here for another week.

Of course they could all be wrong and we will be waiting for weeks after our due dates getting rather angry!

Try to enjoy the time you have to yourself.

mondaymonday Tue 10-Mar-09 13:29:00

I'd advise you not to spend too much time thinking about the actual birth itself. Head in the sand isn't necessarily a problem, as you cannot really be prepared for what will happen anyway

You have no idea how or when your contractions will start, how you're going to find it, what pain relief you'll need etc. I was all for active birth but was demanding an epidural pretty much immediately.

You'll cope with it no matter what happens. Enjoy whatever time you have left to yourself, things will never be the same again

Good luck smile

Whiteybaby Tue 10-Mar-09 14:23:39

Thanks so much ladies. Am currently planning lovely relaxing beautiful home birth but yesterday brought it home that I am actually going to have a child and it may not be such a walk in the park!! Monday I think your advice might be very good, I am trying to dig myself back into my sand pit!
Rabuxton, good luck for the weekend! No doubt we will be here moaning in 5 weeks time!!
Thanks again its seems such a stupid feeling to admit to in "real life"!

Gemzooks Tue 10-Mar-09 15:11:37

whitey, you are not alone. I am 37+3 and scared! DC2, planning home birth.. I had epidural last time so worried I won't be able to cope with the pain.

My one big piece of advice is take it very easy and have naps, even if you go into early labour. 1st births can take a while. It took 3 days for my DS to be born. I was SO excited and paced around, stayed sitting up etc the whole time, but in retrospect I really should have rested. so although it's exciting especially if pre labour starts, do try to nap as much as you can, because you need your energy for the actual birth. Then, when DS was born, we were so excited that we stayed up for a 4th night!

Don't be scared, I am scared now but have nothing but good (if amusing) memories of DS birth, and am the biggest coward ever, faint from period pain etc. please come and join our homebirth thread if you're not on it already! (on this Childbirth thread)

Whiteybaby Tue 10-Mar-09 16:01:36

thanks Gemzooks.. I have popped up in homebirth thread before but am a career lurker! Once work officially ended this week I am sure I will be a more regular visitor!

Gemzooks Tue 10-Mar-09 16:05:14

good luck! I'm also in last week of work (working from home though due to hip probs), can't WAIT!

Beantin Tue 10-Mar-09 16:14:39

Don't be terrified - that won't help grin

DS born just 3 weeks ago and it is all v surreal even now! If you haven't already learn some terms maybe and understand your pain relief options and that's pretty much all you can do than pack your stuff you may need for the day. Then, just relax, chill out, remember to keep calm at all times and look forward to meeting your new baby.

And, remember everyone on here is here for you at all times. Unending support from all these mums will be invaluable to you.

AnathemaDevice Wed 11-Mar-09 20:06:30

I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and I'm beginning to worry that I'm not worried, if that makes any sense? I know the baby has to come out, and it's going to be soon (I bloody well hope so, anyway), and it's going to hurt, but still... Surely I should be a little bit nervous, at least? I think it's because I'm still not entirely convinced that I'm actually going to have a baby, it just doesn't seem real.

Mummywannabe Wed 11-Mar-09 20:08:32

Don't worry. you will be fine. The giving birth bit for me was far easier than being pregnant and it really wasn't too bad.So much so that i would happily give birth again but not sure i would wanna be pregnant again! (i know one follows the other!)

As for being prepared, as someone else said i don't think you ever are. I too felt like this for a few weeks after DS was born (kept thinking someone would turn up to collect him IYSWIM)

Good luck!

Whiteybaby Wed 11-Mar-09 20:30:58

Anathema I am loving the fact you are worried that you are not worried! Its great being female and full of hormones isn't it! grin. I know what you mean about it not seeming real though. I have managed to get my work finished and subject to one more day in the office tomorrow I am home and dry. Think just a bit of a panic earlier in the week that BabyWhitey might turn up before I had tidied my desk! fingers crossed no early waters breaking on the train or even in the office blush. I really don't want to be famous for "being the one that went into labour at work" but pretty sure that isn't going to happen!!

Gemzooks Wed 11-Mar-09 21:30:33

the odd thing is that I worried so much about the birth itself, then that happened and was fine, and we suddenly had a baby and thought oh cripes what do we do with him? You can't really believe you're qualified to keep this little tiny thing alive, that they'll actually let you take them home with you!

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