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Should I hire a Doula?

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cori Sat 16-Apr-05 17:35:35

I have been thinking about hiring a Doula, but I am having a bit of a dilema as to get a Post natal or Birth one.
I am going to try for a VBAC but I have decided that if I dont go into Labour naturally by 41 weeks I am going to opt for an elective ceaserean. As I dont want to go through the induction trauma I went through last time.
If I have a ceaseran I will need some extra help as I have DS 3 and DH runs a buisness so it might be difficult to plan to take time off in advance.
Can I hire a Duola on the basis if I go for a VBAC but if it turns into an elective ceasrean cancel and change it to POst natal one? I know this all sounds confusing, anyone with any experience with Post natal Doulas?

gish Sat 16-Apr-05 22:07:41

Hi cori I am a doula. I think you might need to contact individual doulas and ask their thoughts on this, as it is an individual set of circumstances.

But...a birth doula would be booked well in advance and would be on all for you for 4 weeks, most of us charge a retainer fee and the bulk of what is charged after that is to cover the on call period and the birth. By 41 weeks a doula will have been on call for you for 3 weeks and you could not really cancel without paying - thats my own personal view and the way I work, others may be different.

You are being fairly hard on yourself if you only give a week after your due date to go in to spontaneous labour, most women exceed that especially if they saw this point in their pg come and go with their previous/first baby - which it sounds like you may have done.

Why not give yourself until 42 weeks?

A birth doula will hopefully be able to support you in your choices and decisions, and possibly even make the chances of another c/s less likely - then you won't need a postnatal doula!

Could you afford both anyway?

Have a look on doula uk website and find some close to you - ring them up and see what they say.

dinny Sat 16-Apr-05 22:10:04

I had both (different people). Birth doula was fab. PN doula good but wish I'd spent the money on having a cleaner for a while after the birth!

check out

ladymuck Sat 16-Apr-05 22:31:25

I had a post natal doula following an elective c/section (and I already had a 2 year old). Very helpful, but pricey. I also used a temp nanny through a local agency (at £8ph rather than the £15ph for the doula) who was superb, but so much depends on the individual. Both were very flexible, though doula came straight in and tackeled washing machine and dishwasher each day which was useful. Can't help on your question about "converting" from a birth to post natal - I know that they do get booked up, so it might depend on how long you were looking for postynatal support (I had 6 weeks, but ds1 was younger than yours).

cori Sun 17-Apr-05 11:43:10

Hi Gish
I am not prepared to go through that agonising stressful two weeks wait again. If it is not worth it. I understand I would have to pay something if I have hired a Doula and go on to have a ceaserean. THough the dont think I would be prepared to pay the full price.
I hadnt thought of hiring a nanny.
Ladymuck , where are you? I am sure a London Nanny would cost more than £8.00 per hour

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