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Anyone 5 ft or under (or thereabouts) have an easy birth???

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dabihp Fri 15-Apr-05 19:14:39

Give me hope.... lol

Punnet Fri 15-Apr-05 20:06:47

Just to let you know, one of my bf's is 4' 10", and although she had an epidural (in case she had problems due to her height) the birth was straight forward and no probs. Her ds2 didnt even need meds!

poppy101 Fri 15-Apr-05 20:09:37

I am under 5ft in height, had real problems, all along mw and doctors said, that it would be a natural birth, eventhough baby would be big, no problems, was late by 11 days, but still no problems, still be natural, then had to induce me as I spent so much time in hospital. Then oops had to have a quick emergency c-section and took ages to recover. No old friend who was a doctor said when I was pg was I would not be having the baby naturally and they were talking a load of tosh, she was right!!!

poppy101 Fri 15-Apr-05 20:10:39

Oh, I also have size 2 feet, under 5 ft, but had a healthy baby weighing 7st. and he is going to turn out really tall when he is older, healthy as well. I am getting better as well.

morningpaper Fri 15-Apr-05 20:11:20

SEVEN STONE??????????


poppy101 Fri 15-Apr-05 20:11:50

Sorry 7lbs, typed a bit too quickly

Miaou Fri 15-Apr-05 20:24:09

Well I'm 5'2", size 4 feet, and had my two dds with an epidural, was cut first time (had ventouse delivery), tore a little second time. However it depends what you mean by "easy" - I found both labours pleasant and stress-free. dd1 was 6lb13 and dd2 was 7lb.

I'm planning to have this db (due July/Aug) in a birthing pool with just gas and air to help, and my size has not been mentioned as a possible problem. My m/w is smaller than me and has children, so I'm sure it is an issue she would have brought up if she thought it was necessary, given that she knows my birth plans.

morningpaper Fri 15-Apr-05 20:28:41

I'm 5ft and my labour and birth was horrible, but I don't put any of that down to my size, more my ability to deal with pain! But I didn't need much intervention other than an episiotomy, so on the scale of things it wasn't too bad.

My mother is the same size as me and her labours were 24 hours, 1.5 hours and 6 hours with no complications (apart from my father trying to dispose of the placenta by burning it on the open fire in the lounge, but that was 40 years ago...).

dabihp Fri 15-Apr-05 20:38:35

AS I mentioned on another thread, my consultant told me last time around that unless I had a 5lb baby I would never deliver naturally, so i opted for a csection.

It was horrid and recovery took sooo long, so would like a natural birth this time around... Some of you are giving me hope of this!!!

marj Fri 15-Apr-05 21:17:54

I am 5ft 2in. My ds was born via ventouse delivery so I had an epidural. This was not due to my shortness though, he was 8lb 11oz and got a bit stuck!

Despite needing intervention though, I would say that the whole experience was fine and I would go through the same again. Good luck!

Loobie Sat 16-Apr-05 19:39:36

well im 5'1 and have size four feet,ds1 was 8lb, tear with stitches but only 4 hour labour,ds2 was 8lb 13oz no tears,stitches nothing longish labour due to him being posterior lie, at 11 hours,but delivery no probs 2 pushes and out,dd 8lb 4 oz again no tears stitches etc,no pain meds,labour 4 hours and the end was very fast,examined at 7am 5cms dilated they had to catch my daughter as i delivered her rapidly at 7:04 am so dilated 5 cms and delivered baby onto bed(almost the floor) in four minutes.
Hope this gives you hope.

Grommit Sat 16-Apr-05 20:10:18

MY mum is 4'11 and had easy natural births

Grommit Sat 16-Apr-05 20:10:43

PS. Also - her feet are only size 2.5

Clayhead Sat 16-Apr-05 20:17:13

my mum is 4'11" too and had very easy, quick births

suedonim Sat 16-Apr-05 20:26:55

Dh's gran was 4ft 11in and had a 12lb baby without problems. The baby grew up to be only 5ft-ish as well. Strange.

miam Sat 16-Apr-05 20:35:21

I'm 5ft 1 and had 3 very long difficult births and 1 relatively easy one (10 hrs!). Strangely it was my largest dd that was the easiest to deliver (8.4). 3 were natural births without ventouse or forceps. Did tear though (ouch).

moschops Mon 18-Apr-05 11:38:16

i'm 5ft 2, size 4 feet expecting first baby in Sept. told midwife i am scared of baby getting stuck (i'm a size 6/8) she just chuckled and said they would assess that as my baby grows.

out of my many friends that have had children all those with supposed 'childbearing hips' ended up having sections and all those who are skinny whippets like me had relatively easy natural deliveries............

my gran was a tiny little thing and gave birth to 13 babies without any trouble at all so you just can't tell.

throckenholt Mon 18-Apr-05 11:43:04

I am about 5ft and have had to vaginal births (epidurals both times) with no problems - although my babies were small (6lb5oz and twins 5lb5oz and 3lb13oz). Wouldn't call either births "easy" - lots of back pain - but didn't need any interventions.

I always thought in general we grow babies that we can birth - so we won't grow one too big for us to deliver.

charleepeters Mon 18-Apr-05 12:10:52

im 5ft 1' and i had a normal easy birth only 8 hours with epidural he was 6lb 13oz so you should be fine good luck x

HappyMumof2 Mon 18-Apr-05 13:29:53

Message withdrawn

sandycheeks Mon 18-Apr-05 15:57:22

My mother 4ft11 was told the same as you dabihp i.e she would not be able to give birth vaginally unless it was under 5lb. So she had 3 c/s. I am only 5ft2 and was petrified that I would have a c/s. I am very similar to mum. But I had two normal deliveries 6lb14.5 and 9lb8 (the last was a bit of a squeese mind you)

littlelass0 Mon 18-Apr-05 18:07:01

Hi there i'm 4ft 10, and my hubby 6ft went into labour at 37 weeks was 8 cm dilated when i got to hospital, had gas and air and my son was born 3and 1/2 hrs later a good healthy 7lb 1.
Second baby due in 4 weeks although midwife thinks this one will be bigger, i'm quite confident that there won't be a problem.
Will let you know how it goes.
Best of luck.

Podmog Mon 18-Apr-05 19:05:34

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Mon 18-Apr-05 19:22:22

I am 5ft, and size 3 feet, and had one c/s (due to DS being breech) and two natural birth, DD1 was born in 2 hours and Dd2 was a 12 hour labour, managed fine, babies born in about 4 pushes, no tears, but then again they did only weigh 3lb 12oz and 3lb 8oz

gingernut Mon 18-Apr-05 19:43:59

I'm about 5' and had 2 very long and difficult labours, but 2 biggish babies (7lb 8oz and 8lb 5oz, but both with big heads). First was ventouse with episiotomy, second no intervention.

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