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Boys vs girls weight?

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hayleyscomet Mon 23-Feb-09 18:27:49

Are boys generally larger than girls when born, or is this a myth?

ilovetochat Mon 23-Feb-09 18:30:23

i believe average girl is 7lb born and average boy is 8lb, accordng to red books.

TuttiFrutti Mon 23-Feb-09 18:37:25

Yes, boys are usually larger. I'd heard boys are on average half a pound bigger.

mersmam Mon 23-Feb-09 18:49:11

I've heard that boys are around half a pound bigger too - my DS was a full pound bigger than both my DDs.

Tummytuckrequired Tue 24-Feb-09 15:40:10

Yes my midwife confirmed boys are bigger than girls. My first baby was a girl 9lbs 8oz (1 week late). My son was born 10 days early and weighted 9lbs 4oz! Yikes! He would easily have been a 10 pounder if I had gone to term/over

keels26 Tue 24-Feb-09 17:30:01

My children seem to be opposite. DS was born 2 days late and weighed 61b 9 1/2 and DD was 2 weeks early and weighed 71b 14.

Marthasmama Tue 24-Feb-09 17:33:08

I think mine were about the same. DS was 10 days late and 8lb 3, DD was a week early and 7lb 10. Probably would have ended up the same if she had gone over by 10 days. Having said that, DD was tiny compared to DS. DS was in up to three months clothes from day one, but DD needed the newborn size. He was plump and she was skinny.

maretta Tue 24-Feb-09 17:39:17

My daughter was more than a pound heavier that my first ds.

The statistics don't really matter when you get down to individual level.

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