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Is your partner allowed to stay when you get induced?

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prawnsmum Sun 22-Feb-09 20:02:07

Hi sorry if this sounds like a silly question but im due to be induced on Tuesday and was wondering is your partner allowed to stay with you?
Its my second baby but the first labour happened naturally so Im a bit clueless about this!
I didnt think to ask my midwife at the last appointent because I honestly thought I would have had my baby by now!!!!

DanJARMouse Sun 22-Feb-09 20:03:52

I was induced with my DD1.

Was asked to go in at 5.30pm and DH would have been sent home at 10pm had we not pleaded for him to stay - they agreed as I was in a single room.

Induction can take a long time, but it really does depend on the hospital.


mosschops30 Sun 22-Feb-09 20:03:58

dh did, was my second baby too. I was induced late and they said he'd have to go at the end of visiting, i told them if he goes i go and they miraculously found a side room.

There are no hard rules in hospitals, they pretend there are but they cant force him to leave, unless he's abusive or similar

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 20:05:18

Yes, when I was induced with dd I went in for the first pessary in the evening, but things didn't kick off until the following afternoon. The ward was very quiet, which could have accounted for it, but we were put in a private room and dp was given a campbed to stay in overnight.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 22-Feb-09 20:06:58

I didn't know they couldn't actually kick him out. I was in a ward on my own the night I went in and I would have given anything for him to stay. I went in at 9 and he was kicked out at 10. I was distraught

prawnsmum Sun 22-Feb-09 20:07:43

Thanks I've to be at the hospital for 8am so hopefully that would mean he would be able to stay with me all day (with a baby by the end of it!!). I'm just starting to panic now I think!

DanJARMouse Sun 22-Feb-09 20:09:01

i think going in the morning it shouldnt be an issue. Good luck x

bratnav Sun 22-Feb-09 20:09:02

Officially OHs are meant to stay only for visiting hours, but like the majority of the others on this thread, I made enough fuss that exH was allowed to stay (he was DH at the time).

ElenorRigby Sun 22-Feb-09 20:10:21

I was induced and DP was allowed to stay.

Lulumama Sun 22-Feb-09 20:10:55

at the hospital i doula at , husbands/main birth partners can stay until approx 10 pm, although that is a bit more flexible depending on how busy and if you are in a side room

however, if you are on the main ward and it is full, i doubt he will be allowed to stay much past the end of visiting time, you may be glad of him being there, but other heavily pregnant women may not want a strange man in their midst whilst they are sleeping, or being monitored, or just wandering around not being able to sleep

it will depend on how busy though

prawnsmum Sun 22-Feb-09 20:16:52

Thanks for all your replies. I've still got my fingers crossed It happens naturally tomorrow.

Lulumama Sun 22-Feb-09 20:17:57

you don;t have to be induced unless there is a compelling medical reason,m if you do;t want to

ElenorRigby Sun 22-Feb-09 20:30:03

Ok I went into a stuttering labour around midnight. I called my DP who came and stayed all night. About 7am I still had not gone into proper labour, I had my waters broken and was induced chemically. Labour began an hour or so later.
DD was born at nearly 6pm. I was in a state and wanted DP to stay with us overnight. He was forced to leave about 11pm.

So in short IME...
DP was allowed to stay after hours for the birth but had to leave after hours once DD was born.

LoveActually Mon 23-Feb-09 09:01:57

Hi Prawnsmum! If I were you I would do what all the other ladies here have suggested and insist your other half stays. I was induced at 10am and by 8.30pm nothing was happening so told my DP to go home (visiting hours were till 10pm). At 9pm my contractions started, and they were so strong I really could have done with my other half being there. I went through six hours of agony and am sure if he'd been there he would have insisted on me having pain relief. I was so much in labour to do anything for myself!! xxx

christywhisty Mon 23-Feb-09 09:24:00

I was induced at 6.30am 2 days running and I had been in hospital for 6 weeks already. DH was only allowed in for normal visiting times until I actually went into labour 40 odd hours later and taken to the labour ward .
Having been in hospital for all that time, it is not really fair on the women who are in there( some are in for a long time like me) to have other husbands wandering around the ward at night. I don't see a problem with it on the labour ward but not on the normal wards.

ilovesprouts Mon 23-Feb-09 09:26:44

yes my dh was whith me all the time

CharleeInChains Mon 23-Feb-09 09:31:34

Mine wasn't i was taken in a 6pm and he had to leave at 10pm.
I tend to find though if your a tired, emotional, hormonal wreck and beg they will let him!

idontbelieveit Mon 23-Feb-09 09:44:07

yes for 4 days!

susiey Mon 23-Feb-09 09:53:55

well I sent mine home till things kicked off properly anyway because it can take so long to get going and I didn't want hime to use precisous paternity leave waiting in hoepital with me!
he's self employed and it meant he could get some work done and then have more tiem with me afterwards at home
when things started to happen like they put me on the drip I called him in

pigleychez Mon 23-Feb-09 11:53:42

I went in at 8 in the evening to be induced. Given the pessary at 11pm and DH was sent home about 11.30pm. I was soooo upset and hated being there on my own. Thankfully I was allowed my mobile with me and I spent most of the time texting DH and anyone else still awake!
My waters broke and contractions started immediately - Strong and painful. I stuck it out untill about 4am before I rang DH to come back. As it was it was 27 hours untill DD arrived with a tramatic birth! ( but thats a whole different story!) DD was allowed to stay with me though out.

pigleychez Mon 23-Feb-09 11:53:59

DH even! blush

prawnsmum Wed 25-Feb-09 13:55:18

thanks for all the replies I went into labour on Monday night and had a baby girl yesterday morning so no need for the induction!!!!

jennieflower Wed 25-Feb-09 21:49:44

Congratulations prawnsmum and well done on avoiding the induction!

cory Thu 26-Feb-09 09:57:31


heartmoonshadow Tue 03-Mar-09 10:42:24


I was just wondering when the midwife/doctor etc talk to you about what you want to do at your birth? I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and I have had little contact with my midwife apart from an initial visit, after this my scheduled 16 week appointment came during her holiday, so I saw a 'supply' nurse (not sure if this is the correct term for someone covering). I have had the necessary scan at 12 weeks and am due for my mid term scan in 1 week.

To be honest I know that I am probably going to regret saying this (as others may feel it is more necessary to see a midwife later on) but I feel that I have been left to find out information for myself and as a first time mum to be I am baffled.

I also have no female relatives that I can ask personal questions of as my mum passed away 3 years ago.

Should I just wait and see what happens and if so what questions do you think I should ask when I go?

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