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still sore 6 weeks after birth

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kazbeth Sat 14-Feb-09 17:21:29

How long did it take you to heal after birth if you had stitches?

I had a 2nd degree tear and 6 weeks on am still a bit sore. I'm pretty sure it's not an infection as it's not always sore. It's a sort of a sharp pain where the stitches were. It's not massively painful and feels like the area is being stretched or something and often goes if I rearrange my sitting position.

Does this sound normal to you?

inthenarkynonk Sat 14-Feb-09 17:34:31

yes it all sounds very normal have you had your 6 week check?. Have some lavender baths and don`t expect to be "right" for a while its early days. Stiches always take longer to recover from.

nuttygirl Sat 14-Feb-09 17:40:47

I had a second degree tear (though refused the stitches). At 6 weeks it was still sore and I got the gp to check it at my postnatal check. He said the very top of the tear still hadn't healed but the tear was healing and to give it a little longer. It was fine a couple of weeks after that.

littleboyblue Sat 14-Feb-09 17:44:28

I had 2nd degree tear with ds1 and was still a bit sore for quite a while after. It was a bit longer than 6 weeks, I remember because I bled for just over 5 weeks, had 1 day blood free and had my first period and was still a bit achy for a long while after that, mostly if I was standing up holding the baby, I could feel a pressure on the stitch site, but it did get better.

kazbeth Sun 15-Feb-09 15:05:12

Thanks, that's reassuring. I think my expectations are a bit too high. I'm sure I healed a lot quicker last time and don't remember anything like this. If anything it's becomming more noticeable over time rather than better.

I might mention it at my 6 week check (haven't got round to booking one yet - oops)

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