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traumatic birth - how do I get answers?

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jerin Fri 13-Feb-09 22:15:09

I've just had a traumatic premature twin birth and would like to get a few answers on why it happened. I was 30 weeks, sent home from hospital with pains, had had backache and a small show. I wasnt monitored nor my babies. I had a history of premature birth. I was examined and told my cervix was closed. My first twin was born 3 hours later. The doctor who delivered my twins said she didnt know why I'd been sent home and most of the midwives on the ward echoed this. My doctor looks the other way whenever she sees me at the hospital. Both my babies are doing well and should soon be home.

WobblyPig Fri 13-Feb-09 22:19:39

Ask for an appointment with the Consultant for debriefing. This was given to me. get your GP to write. Bad birth experiences can lead to other problems later. Better to get answers now.

Mummyfor3 Fri 13-Feb-09 22:27:51

Hi, jerin, sorry your had a traumatic experience, but glad to hear your babies are well, so congratulations!
I agree with WobblyPig, it is important you gat the circumstances of your delivery explained to your satisfaction to you. Debriefing after difficult births can be offered to you either by the midwife who attended your delivery, or the consultatent. How long ago was your delivery? Would your husband/partner want to go as well?
You should have no problems having a meeting with somebody experienced in explaining things to you.
Good luck! smile

jerin Fri 13-Feb-09 22:30:55

Thanks Have an appointment with the consultant next month - just hoping I get to see her and not her bloody registrar who I saw during pregnancy. I cant believe how awful she was. After my 24 week appointment I vowed not to go again as she upset me - I wish now that I'd complained at the time or done something then. I asked about what to expect from a twin birth and was told she would discuss with me at 34 weeks. When I said that my son was born at 31 weeks and this time I was carrying twins she replied that I may have them at 28-30 weeks!

Tommy Fri 13-Feb-09 22:31:48

we have a service at our maternty hospital called "Birth Afterthoughts" (or something like that) I phoned them about a year after DS3 was born and a MW went through my notes with me and explained exactly what happened.

It was really useful as I needed to move on from the trauma of it but felt I couldn't until I knew more details. Maybe your hospital has something simolar andf you can get some impartial input from someone

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