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Aromatherapy Before and During Labour (and quickie re Hypnobirthing)

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swottybetty Sat 07-Feb-09 19:04:51

My spirit of optimism cannot be dampened- i will chant this next baby out and i am being suitably swotty about prep. got my hypnobirthing CD today - recommends burning oils when cd is on and then burning same oils during labour. which oils should i use? i am only 25 weeks - dont want to be going near likes of clary sage.

also, cd says to be used from32 weeks. any reason i shouldnt start listening to it now?


dinkystinky Sat 07-Feb-09 20:15:04

Swottybetty - I did my Marie Mongan hypnobirthing course at 28 weeks and started practicing the relaxation techniques after that, so not sure why the CD says from 32 weeks only. It must be a different type of hypnobirthing.

In terms of oils, I'm not using them at would be worth checking out in local neals yard/similar store what oils are safe in pregnancy. I've always found lavendar to be a lovely soothing smell - I imagine your CD is intending that you associate the smell with being chilled and relaxed which will help you relax in labour.

ceb80 Sun 08-Feb-09 11:00:55

Ditto Dinkystinky I started my course at 27 weeks and have been listening to my CD since then admitedly only when I go to bed but am intending to listen to it when I'm awake on maternity leave grin
Sorry no help on oils.

Peachy Sun 08-Feb-09 11:02:53

I had rose and lavender (by nhs in unit mw no less!)

whilst havcing ds2; clary sage great once labour has started- I went to get some for DH to massage in, opened the bottle, couldn't face it and then went from a niggle to full on.

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