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TENS machine recommendations?

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ilovemyoboe Fri 30-Jan-09 22:11:25

My friend and I are planning on purchasing a TENS machine together as she is due in 5 weeks, and me in 3 months. However we're not sure which one to get or what we should be looking for. Any advice or recommendations? Any links to evaluations of a few? Any advice from people who've used them about what you want from a TENS machine?

katerocks Fri 30-Jan-09 22:27:37

Hi there
I hired a tens machine from Mamatens - can't remember the exact website but if you type it into google it'll come up. To be honest I think most tens machines are the same - but this one was good as it had a boost button that you could press when you had a contraction. To get the best out of it you have to start it at the beginning of labour and keep it on, and you need to have someone to help you cos there is no way you can get those pads stuck on your back when you're 9 months preggers and in agony grin!
I don't know if it was the machine or the distraction of pressing the boost button, but I managed to stay at home for 30 hours of my labour and then only had gas and air for 45 mins before pushing. So I suppose you could say mine is a success story! Couldn't have coped without my TENS!!

ilovemyoboe Mon 02-Feb-09 20:10:04

Thanks for the feedback. Have narrowed it down to two now, I think - the Mamtens digital one, and the Elle one.

Did you practise with it first? I gather you're supposed to try it out on an arm.

BoffinMum Mon 02-Feb-09 20:35:24

After taking advice from the hospital acute pain team, I now have a hospital grade one made by PhysioMed, model no TPN200 Plus. Costs £34 plus postage with two batteries and loads of pads, and is highly effective. There are different switches for boost and steady, that kind of thing. They can send them by return if you are in a hurry.

You don't need to practise on an arm - you can just put it straight on your back and get going. If you get unwanted contractions (rare) just take it off again and they will stop.

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