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Anyone else had silent labours?

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laumiere Fri 30-Jan-09 14:38:42

And no, I don't mean the Scientology variety!

When I had DS1 my waters went unexpectedly at 7.30 am. He was prem so i spent most of the day hooked up to monitors. Apparently I was having contractions all day but didn't feel a thing until 17.30 and DS1 arrived about 1.5 hours later.

My consultation for this pregnancy says this is what's known as a silent labour and I'm likely to have the same thing with DS2, but probably even quicker. My mum also had silent labours with myself and my brother (I was born in under 8 min).

While I'm happy about a relatively pain-free labour, I'm a bit worried that I won't REALISE I'm in labour until very late on, and I have to get carers sorted for DS1 who is disabled, and get myself to hospital. Has onyone else had these sorts of labours and can give me some hints or tips (or ways to recognise labour!)

nappyaddict Fri 30-Jan-09 15:13:55

I had one of those. Didn't start feeling the pain til 20 mins before DS was born. I was having contractions on the monitor but couldn't feel them just a dull ache in my back. Luckily DS was induced so i was already in hospital. Would you consider a home birth?

maretta Fri 30-Jan-09 15:21:05

I've had these and have had two home births - although ds2 arrived before the ambulance.
I had one midwife who was good, taught me how to feel the contractions by holding my stomach. I aslo felt I had more energy the day I had them, before I knew I was in labour.

Anyway, I would definitely consider home birth.

laumiere Fri 30-Jan-09 18:45:11

I don't think they'd allow me to have a home birth, I've been high risk all the way through this pregnancy as DS1 arrived at 31 weeks and has cerebral palsy.

I'm 34+4 today so getting out of the woods and have had a model pregnancy this time though.

We do live about 10 min walk from the labour ward, I'm just worried I'll be out somewhere with DS.DH works shifts so isn't usually home and nearest friends would take 30 min minimum to get to me.

Have a midwife appointment on Wed though so I can ask then.

ThePgHedgeWitchIsCrankyBeware Fri 30-Jan-09 18:52:58

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadScotland Fri 30-Jan-09 18:55:58

I had a silent labour with to 9.5cm before anyone noticed (although I had a small amount of cramping it wasn't enough to think I was in labour)....I was only bearly measursing on teh monitor. I was told that prem labours can often be silent and rapid.

I had a pretty normal labour with DD3...not silent at all.

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