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How much does it cost a private elective C-Section? Help!

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mar72 Fri 30-Jan-09 12:45:13


I'm considering having a private elective C-Section (London area).

This is for health reasons (private matters, sorry) and also because I've always been phobic of having a natural birth. Actually, this option has never crossed my mind.

The hospital where I'm having antenatal care is extremely disorganised, I don't like neither the midwife nor the consultant who are seeing me. The other two options in my area are far more scary and I'd never go to either of them.

I've read a few things about the Portland, the unit in St. Thomas Hospital and St. John's Hospital.

Ideally, I'd have the antenatal care provided by the NHS (as bad as it is) and would have the delivery and hospital stay only done privately.

Does anyone have an idea of how much it'd set me back?

Thanks in advance.

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bertieboo Fri 30-Jan-09 12:47:26

At the Lasndell Suite in St Thomas's about £9k all in

EldonAve Fri 30-Jan-09 12:48:05

I thought it was more like £13K

tiggerlovestobounce Fri 30-Jan-09 12:54:32

here are the fees for the portland

georgimama Fri 30-Jan-09 12:59:03

I like the way the Portland charge you less if the C section isn't planned. Wonder if you could refuse because you can't afford the extra 2 grand?

And discount for second timers!!

Feeltrapped Fri 30-Jan-09 14:45:42

I am having a private caesarean but at a NHS hospital and it is costing me just under £5k all in.

I have only just decided (36 weeks) so have had NHS care up until now, and from what I can tell, will continue to do so, ie my next check up is with my normal community nurse, same NHS notes etc - the only difference is that I am now under a consultant at the hospital who does NHS and private work (and the £5k bill of course ). You genuinely couldn't tell by looking at my notes that I am going privately!

The only difference I can tell is that I get a private room thrown in but I could had one exactly the same as a NHS patient for a fraction of the price! Other than that I will be looked after by the same midwifes, same visiting rights, food etc. I'm fine with that but may not be what you are looking for....

Sorry waffled on a bit, hope that is of some help though....

mar72 Fri 30-Jan-09 15:09:04

Thanks to everyone who answered, especially tiggerlovestobounce and Feeltrapped!

I think I'll have some research to do now...

I'll be back here with results

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OatcakeCravings Fri 30-Jan-09 17:02:33

And have you asked your consultant for a C Section on the NHS?

Lotster Fri 30-Jan-09 19:23:57

The packages you're looking at vary, I worked out for an elective C/S plus three night's stay at the ones nearest me work out at:

Chelsea and Westminster - around 14k as the extras and rooms per night (about £700 last time I asked) really add on. Def the most pricey.

Landsdell @ Thomas' - 9k

Queen Charlotte's - upwards of 8k

Kingston - 7.5k

and for non NHS:

Portland - 10k plus depending on type of room(although my C/S is for medical reasons, this is the only hosp that charges a bit more if not for med. reasons)

Heard a lot of recommendations on here for Lindo Wing too.

Lotster Fri 30-Jan-09 19:30:26

Oh sorry, just re-read your OP and the packages I mentioned before are for full private care..

If you wanted NHS care and private birth, I do know that at the Coombe Wing at Kingston Hospital, if you can get your NHS care transferred there, (a lot easier than I thought it would be) you can book a consultant for your section for about £550-£600 pounds. On top of that you pay the hospital theatre charges and private accomodation fees thereafter.
Most of the rooms are private anyway post-natally at Kingston with a few bay beds for ladies going home quite fast, so you probably wouldn't even need to pay for a private room on the Coombe wing but stay in the one you spend the first 24hrs in as part of the package.

here's the link

Even if this hospital isn't convenient to you, you can take a look at the package so you know what to ask at other hospitals you're enquiring in to??


mar72 Tue 03-Feb-09 09:47:56

Thanks, Lotster.

That is definetely a good option

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ErnestTheBavarian Tue 03-Feb-09 10:01:33

or go to germany or switzerland and hayve ¡† fo rb a fraction of that

Bubbaluv Tue 03-Feb-09 10:08:31

I'm booked in at C&W in April and it will come to just on £12k. It's £950 per night for post natal care after a cs.

Mandy73 Tue 03-Feb-09 12:23:05

Mar72, congratulations on the baby!

Just to echo what Oatcakecravings asked; have you voiced this with your MW/consultant? I thought I was going to have to go down the private route but MW turned out to be v supportive of an ECS on the NHS - consultant put up a bit more of a fight though but with calm rational discussion we got there - it's all happening in 6 weeks.

(our reasons are psychological/family history related.)

Good luck whatever happens.

RachePache Tue 03-Feb-09 12:38:11

I'd agree with Mandy - consultants will always considered a well argued case for an elective section on the NHS - birth phobia would certainly come under this.

mar72 Wed 04-Feb-09 09:44:53

Hi, Mandy

Thanks for the congratulations

I spoke to the consultant and he agreed. The problem is, I don't like him (no trust, basically) and just the idea of being chucked in a ward with 5 more women for 5 days after a cesarean is horrible, not the ideal scenario for recovery.

The package Lotster posted is really interesting, I'm really inclined to have at that hospital, even though is far from my house. I suppose I could a book the night before in a hotel nearby to make things easier.

Thanks to everyone whos's replied

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Mandy73 Wed 04-Feb-09 10:12:02

Mar, I know what you're saying re. recovery but it is a lot of money (albeit to be spent during a v important time) - if I was v uncomfortable with the whole situation I'd rather spend the money and not have hols for a couple of years.
Pros and cons really.
We did look into getting a private room afterwards but having visited both and chatted to staff the ward seems just fine.

But it may be worth checking here who has experience of aftercare in the hospital where you would be on the NHS - you may get pleasantly surprised? And being close to your house would be nice.
Further, it's not set in stone that it'll be 'your' consultant who performs the CS/looks after you.

sambrads Wed 04-Feb-09 11:02:28

hi ladies been reading you thread cannot belive how expensive it is to have a c section private its crazy think of all those women who have them without any choice and for free !!!

i totally understand why people pay the nhs can be a bit of a nightmare but the charges they expect you to pay is unbelievevable

in portland £750 for un epidural shock and £50 for each top up shock!!!!

i could not even afford a top up

mar72 Thu 05-Feb-09 11:15:50

Mandy, thanks again.

My only concern is, asking for feedback about such hospital and read yet more horrible stories about the hospital :s

I'm even scared of mentioning it...

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wasabipeanut Thu 05-Feb-09 11:23:34

Not questioning your decision at all but a nurse friend of mine had had an elective cs following a horrendous 1st delivery which culminated in em cs. She said she would never have had it at a private hospital because the real top end consultants are in the NHS plus (and this is key) private hospitals don't have blood banks on site.

Don't want to be alarmist but it certainly coloured the way I think about private hospitals.

Bubbaluv Thu 05-Feb-09 13:14:43

Wasabi, You can have a private birth at an NHS hospital and have access to the top consultants though. Also, if you look at the top consultants in London, you will find that most of them deliver at BOTH NHS and private hospitals, so it's not one or the other.
I agree, I would not go anywhere that did not have the full back up ON SITE to deal with a worst case scenario.

mar72 Thu 05-Feb-09 13:33:18

I've got a colleague who told me her cousin had an emergency cesarean at the hospital where I'm being seen and she collapsed right afterwards because they left her alone :s

Not a very nice thing to hear...

Bubba, I know most NHS hospitals run private wards for different areas; I've got private health insurance and have been seen at NHS hospitals (in private wards, tho) by consultants who see patients via NHS and privately as well. However, private maternity areas in NHS hospitals are a bit more difficult to find.

I have received some brochures from some hospitals and some emails as well but most of them sent me the full price (for antenatal care as well). I think I'll have to call them and question them over the phone explaining the situation, it's easier.

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halfwaythroughjan Thu 05-Feb-09 20:33:26

Watford also do private care with a separate wing on the delivery suite. I am not sure of the costs but it's cheaper than any of the others mentioned and they have wonderful consultants

NellyTheElephant Thu 05-Feb-09 21:11:39

If cost is an issue, have you thought of trying to request an elective NHS section?? Even if you are not keen on your midwife / consultant this is much less of an issue with elective sections (the likelihood of your current consultant / midwife even being present on the day is about zero!! This is the NHS after all!!). I've had 2 NHS sections at C&W and 3rd due in April. 1st was emergency (but the section was best bit of a truly ghastly birth experience). 2nd was elective and an absolutely lovely experience - great team in theatre, great team in the recovery ward, although actually being on normal wards was slightly grotty but perfectly acceptable.

All I'm saying is it might be worth asking. They can be very amenable. A friend of mine had an NHS elective at C&W for no medical reasons, she just really didn't want a natural birth (long story) and stood firm about this and her consultant agreed to a section.

angrypixie Thu 05-Feb-09 21:32:50

Had a wonderful CS at Kingston.
I payed a private consultant and had 2 nights in the private wing. Thought I paid about 5k but may have underestimated,

It was fab from start to finish and I say that as someone who has had 2 vb one of which was a home birth.

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