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Reflexology to bring on labour?

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Merlin Tue 05-Apr-05 21:21:51

Got my first one tomorrow (I am 39 +4) anyone just had one session and everything has kicked off?

lockets Tue 05-Apr-05 21:24:04

Message withdrawn

Merlin Tue 05-Apr-05 21:25:10

Ooooh Lockets that's encouraging from your sister - better put Dh and parents on standby then!!!

lockets Tue 05-Apr-05 21:26:36

Message withdrawn

Merlin Tue 05-Apr-05 21:28:08

Thanks Lockets - good luck to you too - it is a bit nerve-wracking, just the not knowing when...... Gotta go to bed now, take care.

rosies Tue 05-Apr-05 23:35:56

yes it is possible to get labour started with just one session, but do please bear in mind that if baby isnt ready to come, he/ she wont, so dont be disappointed.

see it as a positive thing anyway... it will bring you good energy, boost your immune system and energise baby for the next part of their journey.

keep postive and look forward to the happy event.

Bexybear Thu 14-Apr-05 08:57:48

Hi Merlin

Agree with rosies here... I had two sessions when DS was 40+ and neither worked though made me feel a lot better. Heard acupuncture is quite effective but the same is true that if baby doesnt want to come out it doesnt actually matter what you do... mine definately didnt!

albert Thu 14-Apr-05 09:04:11

Sorry to put a damper on this but I was 42+ and had reflexology and acupuncture (I was desperate as you can imagine) and neither worked!
However, based on the experience of others I would definately give it a go because even if it doesn't work you do feel great afterwards.

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