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Lochia or period?

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BarrelOfMonkeys Sun 25-Jan-09 00:46:19

I gave birth 17 days ago, and had quite heavy bleeding following haemorrage (sp?) which settled down to normal lochia in 24-48 hours... the blood started to turn brown a few days back but in last 24 hours it's been red again, is this usual or could I have restarted periods already? Had a heavy-ish bleed yesterday but since then the flow has settled down again.

CeceliaAhern Sun 25-Jan-09 00:51:52

It could be, I vaguely remember 6 weeks of uncertainty, seeming to wane, then going bright red a few times after my first until gp suggested pill. After my last pg, when I told midwife I ahd new fresh blood she had me down to the gp for an antibiotic for a womb infection. Gp wasn't convinced but went with it. I suppose, leave it and see unless you are feeling under the weather, in which case, get it checked out.

BarrelOfMonkeys Sun 25-Jan-09 01:20:57

Thanks, I feel fine and after the post-birth haemorrage I was told to watch out for either clotting or blood that continued to drip after standing up, which I haven't had (and the clots I did have a couple of days after birth, which to me seemed huge, didn't phase the midwife). I'll keep an eye on it though in case it is an infection of some sort.

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