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tooth and gum ache advice?

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mirchops Sat 02-Apr-05 22:31:21

Hi, I'm 37.5 weeks w nr.2. around wk 12 i suffered from severe gingivitis and took (other than gargling hot saltwater and klorhexidin) a few Ibuprofin tablets. have later been informed that Ibuprofin is contraindicated esp. in 3rd trimester. I have just recovered from a week of gingivitis (same treatment, hot salt water, teatree oil, clove oil etc) no sleep at night and unbearable pains. Now it's my wisdom tooth, it feels like there's a cavity. Is it true that you shouldn't have it pulled out while pregnant and does anyone know why? I just can't face abnother 3 weeks of pain and no sleep and go throu labour like that. I'm trying for a VBAC so'd really like to feel rested and ready.
please if anyone has a good tip it'd be much appreciated, thanks

jangly Sat 02-Apr-05 22:38:26

Have it out. Get rid of it. Pretty sure novocaine is safe in pregnancy. Your dentist will know for sure.

Holly290505 Tue 12-Apr-05 18:11:30

Cordosyl mouthwash. I had gingivitis and its cleared it up a treat. (Mine was prescribed by dentist but you can buy it over the counter)...HTH (if baby isn't here already!)

jasper Tue 12-Apr-05 22:36:58

mirchops I am a dentist. It is perfectly OK to have an extraction during pregnancy.

I see from the date of your posting this advice may be too late!

I have extracted numerous teeth in women who are threatening to go into labour in the dental surgery. I have always felt mildly disappointed that they did not. I have always wanted to assist at a delivery
Good luck.

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