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Could this be labour???

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CrazyDi Sat 02-Apr-05 18:51:49

For the past two hours or so I am having tightenings on my belly...theyre pretty uncomfortable but every 5 mins or so and also bit of pain in my lower back...Every time my belly tightens though baby moves like mad and i thought baby was still during onset of labour..

Are they just braxton hicks?? Hope so as I'm not ready yet!!

I am just under 39 weeks gone

tiffini Sat 02-Apr-05 18:53:47

i suggest you ring the labour ward

Blossomhill Sat 02-Apr-05 18:54:51

Yes sounds like it to me. If it's every 5 minutes then sounds like labour to me. Normally with your 1st baby they should be every 10 minutes, every 5 mins and things could be moving pretty fast so make that call.

Socci Sat 02-Apr-05 18:54:52

Message withdrawn

CrazyDi Sat 02-Apr-05 18:55:23

Hubby said that..but they always manage to make you feel like your wasting their time!! I remember with my daughter they said if I could talk through them then not to go in!!

Socci Sat 02-Apr-05 18:57:39

Message withdrawn

kama Sat 02-Apr-05 18:58:21

Message withdrawn

tiffini Sat 02-Apr-05 18:59:00

i did know for sure i was in labour, i thought they would be sending me home saying false alarm, they did an internal and i was 8 cm dilated.

you dont always know for sure that it is labour.

trefusis Sat 02-Apr-05 18:59:13

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 02-Apr-05 19:00:33

How long does the pain last for?

CrazyDi Sat 02-Apr-05 19:05:49

a fair few seconds...30 or so??

pupuce Sat 02-Apr-05 19:07:15

Well if these are contractions, every 5 mins for 30 secs is too early for any trip to hospital... to be honest when it really gets going you will feel the difference.
Sounds like you are in early labour but you may go in full blown stuff in the night

CrazyDi Sat 02-Apr-05 19:09:07

Being the worlds most unorganised person ever, i supposethis is a good cue to get my bag ready incase!!

pupuce Sat 02-Apr-05 19:10:15

yes.... it could all die down.... so don't get too excited !

CrazyDi Sat 02-Apr-05 19:11:36

I hope it does...due to get new carpets laid this week before baby comes along!!

Isnt baby meant to be still if it is real labour? Mines definately moving??

giraffeski Sat 02-Apr-05 19:14:16

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sat 02-Apr-05 19:14:22

No they kick in labour...

starlover Tue 05-Apr-05 11:28:23

DS was definitely NOT still during labour! Well, not in the early part anyway... by the time I'd had pethidine, entonox and epidural I had no idea!!!

CrazyDi Tue 05-Apr-05 16:50:01

Well it wasn't labour anyway!! I was up till 5 am thinking it was, then nothing!! I had an appointment at the hospital and they checked me over and have said baby is 3/5 engaged so i dont know if that means a long or short wait!! I can tell hes dropped down there now anyway as my spd is really painful!

Wierd thing is I was praying the whole time it wasnt labour, and when it came to nothing I was actually gutted!! Think im just sick of waddling round like a duck At least I know now that babies do move during labour...after all its only my 3rd

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