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How long after your 'show' did labour start?

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mrswoolf Sat 10-Jan-09 00:09:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CeceliaAhern Sat 10-Jan-09 00:14:58

Have never had a natural one I suppose. I had a seep which resulted in one. Delivered 6 days later.

vixma Sat 10-Jan-09 00:20:07

I was induced, induced and induced again so no comment.

CeceliaAhern Sat 10-Jan-09 00:26:00

Sweep not seep (yuck smile)

chloejessmeg Sat 10-Jan-09 00:26:18

About a week, maybe more. But that was helped along with an induction! To be honest, I would ignore it and not get your hopes up too much.

mrswoolf Sat 10-Jan-09 01:33:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

andaSOLOnewyear Sat 10-Jan-09 01:58:37

With Ds I went straight into contractions at 40+1 weeks, with Dd I started losing the plug in bits(sorry)at about 37 weeks and she arrived at 41 weeks.

Lib76 Sat 10-Jan-09 07:02:45

had show in the morning and contractions started later that day!

RaspberryBlower Sat 10-Jan-09 07:15:51

Show first thing in the morning, waters broke midnight and contractions started a couple of hours after that.

georgimama Sat 10-Jan-09 07:35:18

3 days. Show came away in bits over 3 days and then contractions started very slowly, baby born 36 hours after that.

As this isn't your first baby I would imagine you have had him by now!

sambo303 Sat 10-Jan-09 07:43:39

show on Tuesday morning, labour started Weds afternoon and I had him 11.40pm on the Thursday. I was 41+1.

Was your first labour also earlier than 40 weeks?

noonki Sat 10-Jan-09 07:47:54

on the same day with ds2

didn't have one with ds1

any other signs?

2sugarsandapuppy Sat 10-Jan-09 08:00:44

Any news? FWIW, I never had a 'show' and neither did my waters break, in both pregnancies.

keels26 Sat 10-Jan-09 09:07:28

Hi how are you feeling? Had show 9 days before then had DS at 40+3, dont no what would of happened second time round as was induced!

mymama Sat 10-Jan-09 09:14:08

How are you? I know they say it can be up to a week before labour starts but all of my friends/family started on the same day.

I had a show at 10am ish, went for a very hilly walk at 4pm ish and contractions started around 10pm. Waters had to be broken by mw during labour.

Good luck.

notcitrus Sat 10-Jan-09 11:47:36

About 4 hours!
Show just before midnight, told MrNC and reminded him it was just a sign things were working and baby expected in next week. Contractions at 4am, got into bath at 7am, MrNC asked what I was doing and I calmly said "I'm just in labour, shut the door and keep the heat in"!
Waters broke as I got out of the bath.

FeelingLucky Sat 10-Jan-09 11:51:14

Show came but I never went into labour. In the end, I had to be induced sad

mrswoolf Sat 10-Jan-09 12:34:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

andaSOLOnewyear Sat 10-Jan-09 15:35:32

Good luck mrswoolf.

louiseyd Sat 10-Jan-09 19:24:58

I had one 3 days ago and now 40+4 and absolutely no sign of anything! With dd I had lots of shows after several sweeps but when I felt my first contraction I noticed a more blood tinged one almost immediately and that was the start of labour! Its hard waiting....! Good luck to you, hope its not too long!

georgimama Mon 12-Jan-09 17:02:03

If you're worried mrswoolf go to the delivery unit and get them to monitor you for an hour. Lie, if necessary, and say you ahd some contractions but then they stopped.

I found crying usually makes HCPs give a very pregnant woman her own way.

nappyzonehasastroppytoddler Mon 12-Jan-09 17:07:01

show with both mine at 7.30am - waters went at 7.45am with dd and contrations started at 7.45 with ds - all good fun

bumpkin32 Mon 12-Jan-09 20:00:49

Show at 40+4, started labour at 41 and had her at 41+2. So, could be a few more days... but hope it's not!

theyoungvisiter Mon 12-Jan-09 20:11:50

3 weeks - that was my 2nd pg, in my first I lost my plug 2 days before.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 12-Jan-09 20:13:17

Message withdrawn

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