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Queen Elizabeth Hospital- SE London

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blackheath Fri 09-Jan-09 11:07:31


Does anyone have experience of giving birth at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich SE London?

Thanks alot!

PuzzleRocks Fri 09-Jan-09 15:44:02

Bumping for you.

Peta100 Sat 10-Jan-09 22:53:09

Heya, yeah i had a baby boy a month ago at Queen Elizabeths.... still have mixed feelings about it tho' that's mostly cos the birth was complicated and didn't go well for me. Landed up with emergency section and spent 5 days there! Luckily i had him during the week and there was enough breastfeeding, etc support tho on the weekend they seemed very short staffed and i was really glad to get outta there sunday lunchtime. Food was ok.... Some decent midwives tho' like anywhere i guess it depends on who u get on the day.... Hopefully u'll have a good experience, good luck.

blackheath Mon 12-Jan-09 11:17:07

Thanks very much Peta!

FaeriePrincess Mon 19-Jan-09 15:54:03

I had my DS in 2007 - some good and some bad points.

2 out of 3 midwives absolutely great - but none from 'my' team of midwives that I saw through the pregnancy.

Doctor fabulous, even ordered out his student who did something stupid and refused to let her back in.

Anaethatist was great, but had to wait 3 hours to see her for my epidural as she was the only one on shift as it was after hours on Friday night by the time I asked for an epidural, and she was apparently supervising 3 caesarians.

After care was utter rubbish. Barely saw anyone. Had a private room which was off the corridor which ran from the labour ward and the maternity ward, and it was noisy because the staff kept shouting down the corridor at all hours.

Room was boiling hot, but really windy and cold outside so couldn't open the window very much. My DS suffered heat rash because of how hot it was, and I had to keep getting up to open and close the door - open it to let some cooler air in and close it to actually get any rest because of the shouting staff.

Without fail everytime they told me that the meal was there (you have to get up and fetch it) my DS woke up for a feed and needed a change, and by the time I got there there was nothing left, so I missed half my meals. Fortunately DH brought pastries in for me.

On the day I was due to be released they didn't get around to doing my paperwork on time and so my DH was sent away after the day visiting hours and wasn't allowed back until the evening ones, even though we had a private room and noone else would have seen him.

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