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If you had a c-section.... I am doing a small survey!

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pupuce Wed 30-Mar-05 18:09:53

Spurred on by the discovery that two of my clients who had a first c-section after a long labour (and took no or very little pain killers after their emergency section), they went on to have planned section for their babies and were both on pain killers at least 7 days (if not 10!) after the birth.... so here is my question.

If you had a planned (meaning NO labour) section - how many days did you take pain killers for? The section can be for a medical or just "elective".

If you had an emergency section after a labour (please say if it was induced and if you had pain relief in the labour not just for the section) - how long did you take pain killers for?

I am wondering if the fact that your body makes endorphins in labour (endorphins are hornones that have a -strong - pain killing effect) leads you to need less pain killers after the c-section.
My 2 clients were very surprised to be in so much more pain this time, they had assumed (as I probably would) that a long labour and a section would be the worst of both world.... Is it a complete coincidence or is there a trend. I am sure it won't be black and white of course !

Your help is much appreciated

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 30-Mar-05 18:14:18

I've had both types of section. I finished with my painkillers within a week each time.

ladymuck Wed 30-Mar-05 18:14:38

I don't remember there being that much difference overall. I took the painkillers for the same length (though after Day 2 it was just paracetamol). I did notice that I had more pain around the area of the scar than before, but I guess that I had anticipated that. (And yes, I had 1 emergency c/s after 14 hours of full labour, 1 planned). Definitely on a much greater "high" after emergency c/s (though had had gas and air for several hours!)

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 18:20:31

2 elective sections (no labour pains either time)

First section I was off 'strong' painkillers by day 3, took paracetomal to day 5

2nd section was on the stronger painkillers for at least 2 weeks (I also needed a drain for 2nd section which I didn't have for first and vomited the day after the section when I tried to get up)

I honestly wasn't surprised to be in more pain, the pregnancy itself was more painful with the ligaments stretching (didn't feel that first time), and also they said it would take longer because of scar tissue

HTH in some way

Twiglett Wed 30-Mar-05 18:22:43

Of course in my 2nd section the junior surgeon did say "whoops" quite clearly, I don't actually know what about or if it has any bearing on how long it took to recover

also after first you get to do nothing at home for a while and people look after you a lot more, after 2nd you still have to deal with the first child and you don't get to completely relax

I think there might be many difference factors that make it more difficult 2nd time round

desperatehousewife Wed 30-Mar-05 18:22:50

Had emergency c-section after being induced and being in labour for 12 hours. Took pain killers for 7 days I think afterwards.

kid Wed 30-Mar-05 18:27:14

Had emergency section after being induced with gel and drip. Labour was for 22 hours, had gas and air plus 3 epidurals. Was on Morphine drip for 24 hours then painkiller tablets for 5 days.

Then had elective section (no labour) was given painkillers for 5 days.

Doddle Wed 30-Mar-05 18:53:58

2 emergency c-sections, 1st after 36 hours labour, had a morphine suppository straight after and then paracetemol for about 3 days.

2nd, labour for 18 hours, had morphine on demand pump after and i remember they were amazed how little i'd used it, then paracetemol for 4 - 5 days, i do remember hurting more 2nd time around.

Nixz Wed 30-Mar-05 18:57:22

i dilated to 10 cm in a few hours and had no pain whatsoever. I had the gel and drips and everything to try to make my womb contract, i had en epidural followed by a c section. I can remember the next 2 days were a blur of burning pain - after that, i took paracetamol for a few days, about 3 days. But i do remember it hurting a lot, like my stitches were cutting through my skin when i moved (sorry to be so erm full of horror!)

swiperfox Wed 30-Mar-05 18:58:54

Same as Mars. First was emergency after being in labour and being induced and gas and air. Took painkillers for around a week after.

Second one was elective, so no labour etc, just straight epidural. Painkillers for a week after.

From what I remember it wasn't particularly sore either time and healed really quickly
(or I've blocked it out!!!!)

TinaColada Wed 30-Mar-05 19:07:26

I had an emergency section at 26 weeks but never went into labour. Hospital had me on morphine for 48 hours and then I went home and that was it, and I didnt take anything else. I remember it being really sore for a couple of days when changing from sitting to standing or lying down, but that was it.

I think I was very lucky!

Caligula Wed 30-Mar-05 19:09:58

Both my sections were elective with no labours involved.

First one, painkillers were used for about a week from what I remember, but the 2nd one went on for about 5 weeks because I got a womb infection.

jampots Wed 30-Mar-05 19:17:20

For my elective c/section I had a spinal block attached and whilst in recovery I needed morphine, followed by 2 types of pain relief for probably up to a week.

For my emergency c/s (following many hours of labour) I had an epidural sited (in my 55th hour) for a c/s 7 hours later. After the op I believe I had a voltarol suppository and another one the following day (although less for pain more to make me feel better)! as I wasnt coping very well with long labour/caesarean. By the time I left hosp on day 5 I had already finished taking co-dydramol (prob about 3 days).

Dont really remember the pain much after emergency but the pain following my elective was unbearable. They asked me to call for pain relief when I started feeling twinges and even though they responded quickly I was in utter agony by the time the morphine worked.

helsi Wed 30-Mar-05 19:21:08

I was induced at 40 wks following complicated pregnancy. I had 18 hours of 'labour' without dilating more than 4 cms. Had emergency section and took painkillers for about 4-5 days afterwards.

jampots Wed 30-Mar-05 19:21:55

sorry should have stated my emergency was the first one and elective was the second

Donbean Wed 30-Mar-05 19:40:24

had labour to 10cms them energency c section. was on PCA for aprox 12 hours then pills. Took pills for about 7 days after operation. Still have some pain in my scar 20 months on

Donbean Wed 30-Mar-05 19:41:54

just to add that i was induced due to pre eclampsia at 36 weeks.

Donbean Wed 30-Mar-05 19:43:13

sorry me again, just re read your question... i had gas/air during labour.

aloha Wed 30-Mar-05 19:44:53

Hi Pupuce! OK, first elective, 37 weeks, no labour - painkillers for the five days of hospital stay, inc morphine.
Second, elective, but went into labour beforehand by accident (!). No morphine injections, voltarol (not sure I needed it really) and paracetamol for two days of hospital stay, then HOME (bliss) and just a bit of paracetamol when I remembered.
I do think I was in more pain first time, but then you are wimp before you have kids...all me, me, me! Afterwards, you don't have time to notice trivial things like pain
I felt I could have gone home a lot earlier with first section, so did so with second and it was better.
dd was, I think, more alert and 'connected' at birth tjhan ds - more ready tofeed anf milk came in quicker - but ds was 37wks amd ddwas 39+.
BUT - I founf labour v v traumatic and wasn't as happy 2nd time and had panic attacks afterwards,

vickiyumyum Wed 30-Mar-05 19:50:49

my first labour was an induction at 43 weeks, three pessaries, syntocinon (drip), waters broken, no dilatation so emergency section after 22 hours, took codeine and paracetomol for 10 days after.
2nd baby = elective section for breech at 38 weeks, went in at 7 to theatre at 9.20 had him at 9.45 back up to ward by 12, out of bed to the loo at 3 in the morning, up and about since then, with only paracetomol and no need to take anyhting stronger. home after 3 days. so i would say that an elective section was much better, i feel that i was completeley knackered and felt like crap, but with the second, i was excited i knew i was going to hospital and to have our baby, felt much better about the whole experience, was really surprised as well as was expecting a lot of pain and only really had mild discomfort.

franke Wed 30-Mar-05 19:52:55

Had a emerg cs after a 16 hour induced labour which included an epidural once the synto drip started. Had one dose of morphine immediately after which made me sick so didn't have any more. Went straight on to homeopathic remedies (arnica, bellis perennis, callendula, hypericum, all 200c). Had Voltarol (I think) one dose at night for a couple of nights in hospital. Took a couple of paracetemol when I got home but only at night. Probably kept up with arnica for about a week but nothing else.

Tissy Wed 30-Mar-05 19:58:37

elective section at 38 weeks for a large cervical fibroid. Had pr voltarol for 5 days whilst in hospital, with occasional coproxamols, then coproxamol only at home for a few days. Don't remember being in agony, and because of my fibroid my scar is 3 x the length it should be, literally all the way across!

Mercedes Wed 30-Mar-05 19:59:04

I was induced at 10pm Sat - when it had no effect my waters were broke the next day. I had gas and air for a couple of hours and then had 2 epidurals. Everytime they upped the drugs dd's distress increased and after 9 hours had still not progressed beyond 6 cm. Around 11pm that night I was rushed off to an emergency caesarian

I was on strong painkillers for 2 days and then paracetamol for 5 days but only cos they told me to take them. It wasn't too bad afterwards just had to watch out for stomach twinges.

mummytummy Wed 30-Mar-05 20:02:00

1st c-section was emergency after 28 hour labour - pain killers for 5 days.

2nd c-section was elective - pain killers for 3 days.

amysma Wed 30-Mar-05 20:06:56

i had a planned c-section nearly 6 months ago as dd was breach. i took painkilers while i was in the hospital - tues till fri morning and that was all. i didn't need them when i got home. although i was still a bit tender, it wasn't sore enough to warrant tablets.

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