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is it coming?

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chocolatemummy Thu 08-Jan-09 21:11:02

Question to recent or experienced mums? on behalf of my friend
I am a mum but had a very quick and straight forward delivery and it was 5 years ago.
She is due 26th, today I picked her up to go for a coffee and she started having period like pains, then it stopped and about half an hour later started again, she had a few tightenings accross her back,I took her home but she said she was okay and would just lie down, she called me a short while ago to say her legs felt funny and was she in labour?
what do ya reckon? or is it just branston hicks

chocolatemummy Thu 08-Jan-09 21:25:25


pooka Thu 08-Jan-09 21:28:49

LOL at branston hicks! grin

Is hard to tell, but I think that if your friend is properly in labour she will "know".

Has she had any other signs - i.e. a show?

Might just be braxton hicks - they sometimes took my breath away, but when real contraction started, I could immediately tell the difference.

The best advice is for her to rest and relax and then see how and if things progress.

chocolatemummy Thu 08-Jan-09 21:31:56

lol, branston hicks, i couldnt remember the name for it, i never had anything just woke up to 5 minutes apart contractions and that was it, no show, waters didnt break nothing.Just spoke to her and she has gone to bed, said she is still getting what feels like period pains and feels a bit wobbly but is going to try and sleep

pooka Thu 08-Jan-09 21:35:49

Sleep is the best thing.

My waters also didn't break - with dd until I had a sweep in hospital on due date, having had what I thought were painful contractions. With ds, until after he was born (he was born in the amniotic sac).

I didn't have a show with dd until just before the sweep-/waters breaking. With ds I did.

My only advice would be for her to pretend she isn't in labour til really painful. With dd I was obsessed with every niggle and in hindsight I should have just relaxed, got on with stuff and SLEPT. With ds I had no option but to just concentrate on dd and persuade myself nothing happening. When I finally threw in the towel, he was born 3 hours later!

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