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2nd Child - What to do with Toddler while in labour at Hospital?

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ThePregnantHedgeWitch Mon 05-Jan-09 08:53:14

Message withdrawn

compo Mon 05-Jan-09 08:54:51

dh's parents?
friends? neighbours? siblings?

for my 2nd I just had dh and had my mum with ds

compo Mon 05-Jan-09 08:55:32

maybe there is enough time for your dad to have ds on his own for a bit to get used to looking after him

CharleeinChains Mon 05-Jan-09 08:57:30

I wanted my mum and dp with me for ds2's birth but our child care went tits up at literally the last moment so mum went and sat with ds1 and dp stayed with me and i was fine, but if your dad's willing to do it and you trust him then im sure ds will be fine with him.

hazeyjane Mon 05-Jan-09 09:00:06

My mum had never looked after dd1, who was 14 months when i had dd2, I was in a huge panic about it all, probably more worried about that than the impending birth of dd2!

They were absolutely fine, and it was only for a short time anyway, as labour was much quicker second time around, so dh was able to go home pretty quickly.

I did find a malted milk biscuit in dd1's cot, when I was changing the sheet, so probably the less I know about what went on the better!

Good lucksmile

Oumasrusks Mon 05-Jan-09 11:19:07

I didn't have anyone to look after DD1, who was just under 13 months old when I went into labour with DD2 so she just came to the hospital with us and was in the delivery suite when I gave birth! I don't know what would have happened if I'd had to have an emergency c-section though. DH probably wouldn't have been able to come to the theatre because he would have had to look after DD1.

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