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having regular contractions but not amounting to much

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kazbeth Thu 01-Jan-09 23:16:18

I've been getting regular (every 5 mins) contractions but they aren't really getting more painful. I'm pretty sure they aren't BH but they aren't bad enough to ring up the labour ward yet.

I'm nearly 9 days overdue so am very keen to get this baby out. How can I keep these going or crank them up a gear? Or should I just go to bed and see what happens?


thisisyesterday Thu 01-Jan-09 23:20:07

i would go to bed, if this is it then it'll do you good to get some sleep (if you can) or at least some rest
good luck!

aidansyummymummy Thu 01-Jan-09 23:25:25

i would try and rest....if its labour you will soon wake up. Or have a bath so you are relaxed

LargeGlassofRed Thu 01-Jan-09 23:28:40

I f you can go to bed would be for the best, hopefully you'll get a few hours before the main show grin good luck

kazbeth Thu 01-Jan-09 23:31:47

You don't think it'll slow things down though?

I ask because I'm a bit worried I'm running out of time for my home birth.

faeriemoo Thu 01-Jan-09 23:32:58

If it's really happening, it won't slow down.

Could you try going for a bath? That often either slows things down or speeds them up depending on what's happening.

stillenacht Thu 01-Jan-09 23:34:13

good luck xxxxx smile

kazbeth Thu 01-Jan-09 23:36:38

Don't really want to run a bath in case I wake my toddler up - especially if it's a false alarm. Think I'm going to go to bed and see what happens. Bugger .. they've been going on for a couple of hours now.

kazbeth Thu 01-Jan-09 23:37:04

Opps, sorry, forgot to say thanks

thisisyesterday Thu 01-Jan-09 23:41:23

no, it'll be fine. just let your body get on with it, and get lots of rest

i hope this is it for you. look forward to your Bbirth announcement tomorrow grin

stillenacht Fri 02-Jan-09 11:14:32

any news Kazbeth? thinking of you xxx

kazbeth Fri 02-Jan-09 12:13:35

Hiya, no news this morning. Hardly suprising though as last night I had a stinker of a 24 hour bug. My husband had had it last week but thought I'd got away with it. Had a bit of a cough/cold yesterday but no big deal but woke up shivering and just couldn't get warm. Feeling better this morning but guessing your body won't go into labour when ill.

honeybunmum Fri 02-Jan-09 12:55:17

Don't you believe it, if your baby is ready he/she won't care if you are unwell! I hope you get well soon and have your baby as the homebirth you so want. It sounds as though you are nearly there, get as much rest as you can as others have said, my labour really started when I gave up being active and went to bed. Good luck, keep us posted. xx

kazbeth Fri 02-Jan-09 13:14:21


Midwife has just been to give me a sweep and I'm between 2 and 3 cm dilated so fingers crossed for this weekend.

kazbeth Fri 02-Jan-09 13:15:56

Should also add that the sweep wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be - it didn't really hurt at all - thankfully.

honeybunmum Fri 02-Jan-09 13:55:29

Lucky you, I still feel sick at the thought of mine! Maybe it wasn't painful because you are so ready and stretchy now.(I thought you had chickened out) Good luck anyway, get lots of rest now.

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