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how was your 2nd c-section?

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charlie95 Sun 27-Mar-05 08:18:09

i just wondered what anyone else thought about their 2nd time c-setion ? i must vbe honsest nad ofund mine worse this time (10days ago). i think partly because i was prepared for it this time (elec.) whereas last time was emer. so they go through risk of this, consent to that.... they took ages to get the spinal block in my back cos my spaces werent opening enough! in the meantime i could see instruments being set up nearby, then the monitor was put on so i was conscious of how my heart rate and breathing was.
then the op just seemed to take ages, my lungs felt tight from the spinal so i had oxygen mask on to breath poroperly........sorry to go on but it was quite an ordeal this time round.
anyway dd came out yelling! and starving! absolutely fine.
my recovery has been ok. better now than this time last week. but got nasty bruising now on tummy - didnt have that last time on ds.

kid Sun 27-Mar-05 09:16:51

I've had 2 scetions, one emergency and one elective. I found the 2nd (elective) one a bit scarey as like you say, they went over the risks involved. I was also fully aware as they shaved me in preparation for cutting me. That actaully made me faint, but then again I am a winp!

On the plus side, we chose the day, we even knew what time DS was going to be born. DD had been sorted out and was playing happily at her nans. Plus, DH wasn't chucked out of the hospital at 2:30am, he got to spend the 1st three hours with DS.

eidsvold Sun 27-Mar-05 13:16:22

second one was easier than the first although the waiting did my head in. First one was an emergency c-section and it was fine though.

Second time was an elective and it felt weird knowing what day dd2 was coming. I was schelduled to be 10.30 am but with emergencies etc I did not get into theatre until after three... that was hard as I had been fasting etc in prep for the surgery and the TV channel in the waiting room kept showing food programs. I took Arnica and I think that helped in the recovery. This time I also got to hold dd2 and she was with me in recovery. Dd1 had to be rushed to ICU. My dd2 also came out yelling - and not much has changed

Both were very positive and calm experiences despite what I imagined. Still very surreal chatting away whilst you have someone operating on your stomach...

suzywong Sun 27-Mar-05 13:22:44

far worse, another "emergency"

Horrid horrid horrid to see the instruments I completely agree

I got the epidural shakes, felt like I was coming off heroin. Heard them cutting through the scar tissure from the first one. Foul experience, but did get divine healthy ds2.

I called the Birth Crisis Network three weeks after mine for a debriefiing, made the world of difference, can get you the number if you like

Twiglett Sun 27-Mar-05 14:27:24

2 electives

2nd was worse but only because we had to wait 7 extra hours, they were patently understaffed and then the midwife said 5 minutes after DD's delivery

"Come on Dad, bring baby and follow me"

and walked out of the theatre with my DH and DD leaving me alone being stitched up for 40 minutes not knowing what was going on, she also then left DH alone with baby and he didn't know what was going on with me either

We gather she wanted to finish off her paperwork as it was the end of the day

oh that and the junior surgeon saying "woops" whilst they were initially opening me up

recovery was fine though

nutcracker Sun 27-Mar-05 14:44:57

My 2nd section was classed as an emergency one but it was actually an hour before i went to theatre i think. Anyway it was absolutly fine, no probs at all as far as i can remember.

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